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How do you make the tiktok video longer? How to upload long tiktok

Recently, many people have asked me how tiktok video is longer. How do you upload long tiktok? Today, I will use this experience to tell you that it's really easy to release a one minute long video!

Methods / steps:

The first step is to enter the personal home page and click the three points in the upper right corner.

Second, click 'Settings' to enter the account setting interface.

Third, click 'feedback in help' to enter the feedback page.

Step 4: click 'video' to enter the video feedback interface.

Step 5, click 'how to get long video permission' to enter the long video access details interface.

The most important step: click 'more' to enter the long video permission application interface.

In this interface, you can fill in the required information and submit it.