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When will Samsung Galaxy S105G be on sale in China? Galaxy S10 configuration announced

Three South Korean operators officially launched 5g commercial services in the evening of April 3. On April 5, Samsung Galaxy S105G was officially launched in South Korea. There are three versions of Samsung S10 series: s10e, S10 and S10 +. In fact, in addition to these three versions, there is a 5g version. How about the configuration of Samsung Galaxy S10 with Xiaobian? Is it worth buying?

Samsung Galaxy S105G has a 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED display. The mobile phone has six cameras, including TOF lens at the front and back, four cameras at the back, 4500mAh large capacity battery and 25W charging.

In order to realize 5g commercial use, Samsung Galaxy S105G adopts Samsung's 5g network core and wireless solution, which is only sold in South Korea.

The appearance of Samsung S105G is not much different from that of S10 +. Both of them use a hole digging screen with two holes in the upper right corner of the front. It also supports screen fingerprint identification. The processor is also equipped with snapdragon 855 or Orion 9820.

In terms of photography, S105G version is also a rear four camera lens, including 12 million pixel main camera lens, 12 million familiar long focus lens, wide-angle lens, TOF lens and so on. In terms of battery life, the mobile phone is equipped with a 4500ma high-capacity battery, which is larger than 4100ma of S10 +.

The biggest difference of Samsung S105G is its function. The biggest highlight is that it supports 5g function. It is Samsung's first 5g mobile phone that supports mmwave and networks below 6GHz, and can support 1.2gbps local connection.

In addition, we are most concerned about the price. There are mainly two versions of Samsung Galaxy S105G, of which the 256gb version is about 8200 yuan, which is 1300 yuan higher than the 128GB S10 +. The 512gb version is about 9200 yuan.