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How to keep Pu'er tea cake best? How to make Pu'er tea cake

Pu'er tea has a variety of forms, such as cake tea, Tuo tea, brick tea, loose tea and so on. Long term storage can be more fragrant and valuable with aging, but the premise is proper preservation. So how can Pu'er tea cake be best preserved? How to make Pu'er tea cake? Now let's take a look.

The preservation requirements of Pu'er tea cake are as follows

1、 Keep in a dry and ventilated place

Pu'er tea cake is suitable for storage in a dry and ventilated place. It is also best to put it in a pottery urn or jar. The storage location should avoid direct sunlight and rain. Pu'er tea will be sour if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

2、 Keep the right temperature

It is necessary to keep proper temperature for Pu'er tea cake to be 'aged'. It's better to store Pu'er tea cake near the balcony near the window, which is conducive to the combination of Pu'er tea cake and oxygen in the air, which is a basic point for Pu'er tea to lose weight. Do not direct sunlight Pu'er tea cake, too high temperature will also accelerate the fermentation of tea acid.

3、 Avoid dampness

The place of Pu'er tea cake should not be too wet. Wrap it with rice paper and tasteless moisture absorbing paper and store it in the VAT to prevent the Pu'er tea cake from moisture deterioration.

4、 Don't use it in places with peculiar smell

Pu'er tea cake should not be stored in the place with peculiar smell, because Pu'er tea cake has good taste absorption ability. If it is stored in the place with strong taste, cosmetics and lampblack are easy to smell.

So, how to brew Pu'er tea cake?

Cooked cake: the temperature of water is relatively higher, preferably 100 ℃. Old tea drinking requirements and cooked Pu'er tea almost the same, the only difference is that brewing can leave some roots, that is, each time out of the soup do not have to pour so clean, but leave a part. Because the old tea is weak.

Green cake (raw tea): the water temperature is about 80-95 degrees. If the water temperature is too high, it is easy to scald the tea and produce bitter and astringent taste, but it is conducive to spreading fragrance and rapid extraction of tea flavor. Wash the tea first, usually one or two times. A good tea brewing, the key in the process of washing tea, can not be underestimated. Mainly depends on the water temperature, and brewing time, the speed of soup. After the soup, open the lid of the pot or bowl, otherwise it is easy to damage its aroma and quality. Try to keep the soup clean every time.

The above content is introduced here, if you use tea pot to save cake tea, you should pay attention to the material of tea pot, including porcelain and pottery. Take care when you put tea in porcelain pot. It's not suitable to put the cooked cake into this kind of container with sour gas. It's better to put it into pottery pot. It is better to release the cake from the porcelain pot, and the pot can be divided into glazed and unglazed. Glaze can keep humidity better, moderate activity, can be put into the old tea. It is better to put new tea in the pot without glaze. But we should pay attention to: water absorption is too strong, should not put tea. In a word, be careful when you save tea cakes.