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DNF application error, easy to remedy

For dnf application errors, people who don't play games may be confused. What is dnf application error? People who play games often may encounter DNF application errors. Editor today to give you science popularization what is the DNF program error, give you to think of ways, about the DNF application errors when there are any remedies!

DNF application program fault is quite common, especially when playing games or downloading games. It indicates that our game software conflicts with memory. Generally speaking, DNF application errors usually occur due to the following reasons: Game Trojans or viruses, game conflicts with other software, game conflicts with other games, game version graphics card does not support, game lacks necessary DLL files or game patches, game version is not suitable for current system operation, game with bad comment plug-ins, game bug errors, etc. These are some of the reasons for dnf application errors.

When dnf application errors occur, we usually take the following methods to remedy or solve them. First, we find the installation game disk, enter the game folder, find the start folder, then find the tenprotect folder, and then start the tensafe.exe program. After reading, return to the start folder and start dnfchina.exe. If it appears (the game has started), stop dnfchina in the process manager. Exe. Restart dnfchina. Exe. After successful login, the next time you log in, you can quickly log in from the desktop.

Here are all the remedies for dnf application errors that Xiaobian shared with you. You can refer to them. If you still can't start the game, then we can consider downloading the game again. After downloading the game, try restarting the system! It's easy to reinstall the system!