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What documents should I prepare for traveling to Taiwan? What are the procedures for Taiwan tourism

Taiwan is a city full of petty bourgeoisie sentiment, whether it is food beauty or humanistic feelings are very worth to experience. Traveling to Taiwan will definitely be a wonderful experience. But before you go to Taiwan, you need to know what documents you need to prepare. What procedures should I go through. Let's get to know!

What documents should I prepare for traveling to Taiwan? What procedures should I go through for traveling to Taiwan

What documents do I need to go to Taiwan

Taiwan pass

Taiwan pass, also known as "Datong pass", is relatively easy to handle. For individual travel to Taiwan, whether it is team tour or free travel, it is handled in the entry-exit reception hall (room) of each public security bureau. It takes about 10 working days (calculated from the second working day after submitting the application). The pass is 80 yuan per pass, 15 yuan for each valid endorsement at one time, and 15 yuan for each valid endorsement at many times 80 yuan per piece.

[materials required]

1. To travel freely to Taiwan, I must submit the following materials:

(1) A recent bareheaded color photo (2-inch glossy photo paper with white or light blue background) of the applicant.

(2) The original of the second generation ID card for mainland residents.

(3) Complete the application form for mainland residents to and from Taiwan.

Process of Taiwan entry permit

The entry card is a document issued by the Taiwan's internal affairs department and the Immigration Department to Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Macao people for entry and exit to Taiwan. The Taiwan entry permit must be handled by the travel agency. You can use the universal Taobao, which is much cheaper than the physical store. The cost is 249 yuan per person, and the processing time is 3-5 working days.

[materials required]

1. Scanning copy of Datong certificate and endorsement within the validity period

2. Personal travel application form

3. Proof of identity

(1) Front and back of ID card

(2) Home page and personal page of my household register

4. Photo (electronic version): 2-inch white background color photo of myself (recent photo for half a year, ear exposure required, 4.5cm & times; 3.5cm)

5. Emergency contact information

(1) The mainland emergency contact person must have a direct family relationship with the traveler. If the relationship certificate cannot be displayed, he / she needs to go to the public security organ to issue a family relationship certificate

(2) Home page and personal page of emergency contact ID card household register (positive and negative color scanning)

I'll introduce you to what documents you need to go to Taiwan. Generally, only two documents are enough. In addition, before you go to check whether your city is open for free travel. If not, you can follow a tour group with travel qualifications to Taiwan.