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Must be pregnant natural childbirth side cut? How to nurse the side cut wound correctly

For now many pregnant women after pregnancy, in order to reduce the pain of childbirth will choose natural childbirth, although the natural childbirth process is more painful, but can recover soon after operation, many people are very curious about the natural childbirth process must be side cut? How to care correctly after lateral incision?

First, natural labor does not have to be cut!

My wife just gave birth to her baby last month. Before she gave birth, we also checked some information and understood that the planing labor was not good, and the doctor suggested that it was also natural labor, saying that natural labor was the best method of production, and we could recover three days after birth!

Of course, there was a little incident in the middle. My wife couldn't stand the pain and had to planed it out. The doctor suggested that we should have a normal birth. Then my wife took pains to open three fingers and opened it all night. Then she directly pushed the delivery room and came out in three or four hours. The doctor said that it was just a bit torn and there was nothing else. As for the question about lateral incision of normal birth, maybe the situation was different, However, the doctor said that about 90% of pregnant women can give birth without any external operation. If they do, it will have a little impact on the baby and pregnant women in the future!

Second, what should be done after side cutting?

I can only explain to you three situations that will happen!

1. Complete natural birth!

If the pregnant woman completely natural childbirth, no bleeding and production tear, then only need to train in the hospital for three days, but to avoid mouth, can't eat spicy food, can't be affected by the wind, to keep warm!

2. Natural birth!

In the case of natural birth laceration, this doctor will sew the wound for you. Generally, he will use soluble silk thread, which will dissolve by himself for a period of time. He doesn't have to deal with it by himself. However, he should do a good job in cleaning the wound every day, and then he should cultivate for three days. The details are the same as above!

3. Side cutting!

Side cutting or uterine planing is a serious problem. Generally, you have to wait for a long time in the delivery room. Then there are doctors who will sew up many layers of needles. Of course, you don't have to deal with it yourself. Then there is a bit of trouble after you come out of the delivery room. First, you can't get out of bed for three days. You have to wait for others to take care of your urine and feces. The wound has to be disinfected and cleaned every day, which makes eating more troublesome, Can only eat sugar free lotus root powder, the other to wait for three days to touch, of course, if the more serious trouble, may last a week, self-cultivation will be very complex!