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Photos of global press conference of Fu Lian 4 when will Fu Lian 4 be released in China

When is the launch time of Fu Lian 4? Avengers 4: the final battle will be released in mainland China on April 24. At the global press conference, many actors were on tenterhooks for fear that they would be spoiled by carelessness.

Recently, "Avengers alliance 4" held a press conference. This time, the film side deliberately arranged half of the seats to be empty, and joked that "because half of the people in Fu Lian 3 are turned into ashes. '

Downey, Tao Zong, hammer brother, stepsister Scarlett Johnson, green fat uncle mark, eagle eye Jeremy, marvel captain Brie, ant man uncle Paul, nebula Karen & middot; gilland, okye, war machine these survival roles, as well as director Russell brothers, President Kevin & middot; Fitch all appeared!

"Avengers: the end of the war" global media conference is in progress, the media for the film and the role of the creators put forward a lot of questions, but you can see that the actors are restless, afraid of accidentally saying the wrong thing will be spoiled.

However, we can still get some key information from the carefulness of the creators. For example, Chris & middot; Hemsworth described the evolution of Thor, and revealed that Thor in the Avengers: the final battle is a 'brand new version'. Kate Kieran, who plays nebula, said that she would solve some father daughter problems with mieba in the Avengers: the final battle. She said, "I don't know if Nebula will & hellip; & hellip;", and then she stopped immediately.

In addition, the US team, who was particularly nervous, seemed very worried that they would leak their words and fidgeted. It was only when it came to whether he was good-looking with a beard or not that the live actors finally had something to say. However, only Hulk uncle Mak seemed to be a bit of a spoiler during the conversation. He said: 'the whole press conference had a feeling of sadness. Everyone was talking about each other's appearance, just like they were really & quot; dead & quot; in real life. 'whether uncle Mark's words are implied or not, let the audience think for themselves!