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The origin and origin of Luoyang Peony

Peony, the king of flowers, is known as the national flower. Do you know the origin of Luoyang peony in the kingdom of peony? Today I'll tell you the origin of Luoyang peony. In addition to elegant, peony character is also very noble, proud.

Peony is also known as' burnt bone Peony '. The origin of this name is related to Wu Zetian. In the Tang Dynasty, it was a cold day in the frozen land. When Wu Zetian visited Houyuan, she saw the freezing weather, heavy snow, withered flowers, and depression. My heart is very upset, if only a hundred flowers bloom overnight. With my great power, how dare those flowers disobey the holy order. Thinking of this, she issued an imperial edict in the face of a hundred flowers: in the Ming Dynasty, she swam to the garden and reported the spring as soon as possible.

Don't wait for the wind to rush you. When Empress Wu issued an edict, the hundred flower fairy panicked and gathered together to discuss countermeasures.

Some said: this cold winter and winter months want us to blossom, out of season, how to do?

Some people say: How dare you disobey Empress Wu's edict? Otherwise, it will come to a tragic end.

All the fairies were silent. They all witnessed Wu Zetian's evil deeds of following me and going against me. What should they do?

The next day, a heavy snowfall came down. Despite the strong wind, the snow turned into ice. But the immortals still dare not disobey the will, only after the colorful flowers in the garden, really against the wind and snow blooming stamens. Empress Wu Zetian was very happy when she saw the scene.

Suddenly, a desolate flower bed came into view, and Wu Zetian lost her temper: what kind of flower is this?

How dare you disobey the will '!

You see, it turned out to be peony.

After hearing this, Wu Zetian was very angry: immediately drive these peonies out of the capital and demote them to Luoyang '!

Who knows, these peonies can grow green leaves and flowers immediately when they are planted in Luoyang.

When Wu Zetian heard the news, she was very angry. Send someone to Luoyang immediately to burn all the peonies with a fire. The merciless light of the fire reddened the sky. Every peony struggled and groaned in the fire. However, people were surprised to find that although the branches of peony had been blackened, the blooming flowers were more dazzling. Peony thus won the reputation of Jiaogu peony!

After describing this article, I can't help but feel great respect for Peony's noble and healthy spirit

Idle to talk about Wu Huang, cruel and heartless means.

In the cold winter, the flowers are busy in the back garden.

Only Peony Garden cool, banished from Xijing demoted Luoyang.

Elegant temperament pressure Qunfang, angered a King Wu Huang.

The burning remains of the scorched bones lead to the demotion of the emperor.

After suffering from evil for a long time, I became a symbol of grace and wealth.

The beauty of the country, the fragrance of the flower, the king of the world.

From then on, the Peony Fairy was the king of all flowers with its awe inspiring righteousness. Since then, peony has taken root and blossomed in Luoyang and become famous all over the world!