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How to keep bamboo fresh during transportation? Introduction to the method of bamboo transportation

Mangosteen is a kind of tropical fruit, which is common in tropical areas of Asia and Africa. Mangosteen usually matures between November and December, so we can eat it in winter. It is easy for mangosteen to deteriorate when it is transported from Guangdong, Fujian and other places to inland areas, so it is very important to keep mangosteen fresh during transportation. So how to keep mangosteen fresh? Let's learn about the preservation methods of mangosteen with Xiaobian!

How to keep bamboo fresh during transportation

1. Cold storage

The moisture content of mangosteen is easy to be lost during transportation, and the outflow of moisture can be reduced by low temperature preservation, so that the mangosteen after long-distance transportation is still delicious. Therefore, during transportation, mangosteen can be put into a fresh-keeping bag, and the bag mouth can be tied tightly for preservation. In order to ensure the air circulation, you can make several holes in the fresh-keeping bag. However, keep in mind that too many holes will make mangosteen more prone to corruption, because mangosteen exposed to oxygen is prone to mildew. Then, the bamboo is transported in a refrigerated car with low temperature.

2. Transportation with ice

Soak the fresh bamboo in ice water about 4 ℃ for about 15 minutes. Pay attention to the temperature of ice water. Otherwise, it will freeze the bamboo. After that, take it out and put it in a plastic box. Remember to put the ice in the carriage where the bamboo is stored, so that the bamboo stored will be fresher.

How to keep mangosteen fresh

3. Pay attention to the picking season

When to pick is also related to our bamboo preservation time. Generally in the morning or in the evening when it is cool, the bamboo is easier to keep fresh. The transportation of mangosteen is not easy. Therefore, when picking, we should also pay attention to wrapping it with ethylene plastic film, which can make the mangosteen fresher.

4. Transport temperature

Although mangosteen is a tropical fruit, it is different from other tropical fruits because its moisture is easy to lose, so it can be stored in cold storage. In low temperature environment, moisture is not easy to lose. As long as the oxygen content is controlled, the preservation effect is very good. As for the fresh-keeping transportation temperature, it is the most appropriate to control it between 0-8 degrees.