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How to make your own salted eggs

Salted duck egg is a common delicious food with good quality and low price. There are always half salted duck egg in the pot rice we usually go out to eat or take out, especially the yolk of salted duck egg, which is really memorable. In fact, salted duck egg is not difficult. We can make salted eggs ourselves, eat a few if we want, and eat whenever we want. Let's take a look at the common quick salting methods.

The first method is to use the soup after rice soup or rice noodles and put yellow mud or red mud, and add salt according to your taste. There is also a very simple way to wash the eggs and put them into vinegar to make them all covered with vinegar, then wrap them with a layer of salt. If you want to eat a few eggs, you can get a few. Then put the eggs into a sealed lunch box. Take them out and cook them a week later. It's convenient and quick.

The third method is to place the eggs and water in a ratio of 2.5:1. The water is best to submerge all the eggs, and a little white wine is needed, because white wine can make the eggs produce oil. If there is no white wine, it needs to be very salty to produce oil. If it is too salty, the protein will be wasted. Don't use cold water directly. The water should be boiled, the eggs should be wiped clean, then put into the jar, and then pour the cold salt water into it The jars are usually salted until they are completely submerged. Finally, cover it tightly. It will be ready for eating in about three weeks.

The last method is to marinate the essential oil of yellow sand in the proportion of 10:2:1, then add some water. When marinating, first pour the yellow sand into the basin, add the refined salt, essential oil and water, mix them into a paste, and then put the fresh eggs which are washed and dried into the clay one by one. After the eggs are evenly pasted with mud, take them out, put them into a jar or bag for sealing, and take them out in about 20 days Wash the mud and cook it.