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How to maintain the range hood? Precautions for use of range hood

If the range hood is not cleaned regularly, it will lead to poor emission of toxic range hood, and the dispersion rate will increase. So how should household range hood be maintained in daily life? Let's take a look at the maintenance and precautions of range hood together with Xiaobian!

How to maintain the range hood

How to maintain the range hood

Generally, after three months of use, there will be a lot of oil stains on the impeller and flue. Increasing the weight of the impeller may increase the starting current of the motor, and may also increase the noise.

After long-term accumulation of oil, oxidation occurs to form acidic substances, which is easy to corrode and rust the range hood.

Long term accumulation of oil in the range hood and flue will also form fire hazards. The oil pollution on the impeller flue increases the viscosity, makes the exhaust not smooth, increases the spread of oil smoke in the kitchen, and endangers health.

Professionals remind that when using the range hood, it is necessary to maintain the air circulation in the kitchen, prevent the negative pressure of the air in the kitchen, and ensure the suction capacity of the range hood; in order to avoid excessive noise or vibration, oil dripping, oil leakage, etc., the range hood should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive oil sticking on the surface of the motor, turbine and range hood; Do not disassemble the range hood for cleaning without authorization, but let the professional cleaning personnel of the manufacturer operate.

How to maintain the range hood

Precautions for use of range hood

1. The range hood should be turned on for 1-2 minutes before cooking in order to get better effect of removing oil fume;

2. Before changing the light bulb and cleaning the range hood, pull out the plug and cut off the power supply;

3. When replacing the bulb, the power should not exceed the maximum value near the lamp holder and indicated in the manual, otherwise, the temperature rise of the wire connecting the lamp holder and the lamp holder will be too high, and the aging of the wire insulation will be accelerated, resulting in the potential danger of electric shock and even fire;

4. According to the requirements of the manual, clean the oil stain and scale on the inner cavity of the fan wheel, ventilation duct and the inner and outer surface of the body frequently. When cleaning, use neutral detergent and soft cloth to avoid damaging the surface of the shell or coating;

5. When the dirty oil in the oil cup is 8% full, discard it to avoid overflow;

6. After cooking, continue to turn on the machine for 1-2 minutes to completely exhaust the residual oil fumes.