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How to wash white clothes when they are dyed? How to avoid dyeing white clothes

White clothes are most afraid of being dyed. After being dyed, white clothes must be soaked immediately, or the dyed place will not be washed away after a long time. So how can white clothes be washed away after being dyed? The following small series will teach you how to deal with white clothes after being dyed in detail. Now let's have a detailed look.

How to wash white clothes when they are dyed

People who have bought white clothes should know that it is difficult to clean the dyeing sheet on white clothes by washing liquid. The most effective treatment is to use bleach. However, bleach is the use of chemicals, special tin compounds, is a strong chlorine products, bleached clothes are not only bad for the body, but also may damage the clothing.

Many people use 100% of the original solution of bleaching water directly poured on the clothes, and because it is the relationship between the original solution, the speed is quite fast, instantly found that the clothes were washed bad, feel a little stiff, fabric was damaged, so when the white clothes were dyed, do not worry, according to the size of the area to choose the cleaning method.

How to wash white clothes when they are dyed

Bleach rinsing

First wash off the floating color on the clothes with clean water, then mix the bleach solution and water in a small cup according to the ratio of 1:5 or 1:3, and then gently brush the dyed place with a toothbrush dipped in the bleach solution mixture. Be sure to brush it gently for a few more minutes, because it is a mixture, so the chemical action will be a little slower, and you will see the effect slowly after waiting.

How to wash white clothes when they are dyed

Vinegar cleaning method

Drop vinegar on the blackened place, wait for 10 minutes, and then wash it with soap. The stain is not only clean, but also will not leave any trace. In this way, we must ensure that the stains on the clothes can not be too long, and it is better to clean them on the spot, so as to ensure the cleaning. The most important point is that white clothes should be cleaned with white vinegar, so as not to leave vinegar marks.

Salt scrubbing

Sprinkle water on the dyed area of the white clothes. After getting wet, coat it with edible salt. Then rub gently with hands repeatedly until the dyeing place is cleaned, and then clean the salt with clean water.

Bleach rinsing

First wash the clothes with cold water, then dilute the bleach with water, the ratio is about 1:10, or depending on the size of the clothes, rinse with the washing machine for about 30 minutes, so that the color is more uniform and the damage to the clothes is relatively small. Need to remind you that bleach itself is a chemical agent, in order not to cause adverse effects on the human body, so the final use of clean water and then soak for 20 minutes. It is best to soak the drifting clothes with softener or supple essence for a few minutes. The clothes will be smooth and soft, and will also play a role in maintaining fabric fabrics.

How to wash white clothes when they are dyed

84 disinfectant immersion method

After diluting with 84 disinfectant, soak it for a while, but be sure to master the dilution ratio and soaking time. It has something to do with the place of the dyed clothes and the degree of dyeing. It's better to bleach it several times. It's better to be troublesome than to over bleach it.

Potassium permanganate and acetic acid cleaning method

The method is to first dissolve a little potassium permanganate in water, and then put the clothes to be rinsed in and fully soak them. After soaking for 10 to 20 minutes, the clothes will turn dark red. Pick up the clothes and wash them with clean water. Then dissolve a little acetic acid in water, put the clothes soaked in potassium permanganate into acetic acid solution, the clothes will slowly change from dark red to the original color, and the dyed place will also fade, at the same time, the original color of the clothes will not be damaged. Sometimes you can use this method when you wear yellow clothes.

How to wash white clothes when they are dyed

Mixed soaking method of washing powder and detergent

Add 1:1 washing powder and detergent containing anionic surfactant into warm water, soak the dyed place in warm water for more than half an hour, and then rub it with hands. If it is not clean, put all the clothes into the water above 50 degrees, add a small amount of washing powder to scrub, and use the fading of the clothes to reduce the color difference.

How to wash off white clothes when they are dyed? How to avoid dyeing white clothes

1. If you choose to use hot water mixed detergent to Soak clothes, you can choose to increase the temperature of hot water to make the detergent play a greater effect.

2. In order to avoid the secondary pollution of white clothes caused by improper cleaning methods, a small piece of cloth can be cut off at the sewing place of the clothes before cleaning, and then the stains can be cleaned.