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What's the time for Tomb Sweeping on Tomb Sweeping Day in 2019? What time is Tomb Sweeping on Tomb S

Tomorrow is Tomb Sweeping Day. Are you ready for sacrifice? Tomb Sweeping Day is a very grand day, but do you know that there are strict requirements for tomb sweeping time, so when is Tomb Sweeping Day? What are the precautions for Tomb Sweeping? This is a solemn occasion, we must pay attention to it.

What's the best time for Tomb Sweeping?

There are different customs in different places, some of which are ten days before the Qingming Festival, some of which are called the first three days and the last three days, some of which are held on 'single' days before and after the Qingming Festival, and some of which are for as long as one month. Therefore, tomb sweeping is not the best day.

In addition, for some customs, there are some differences in the time of visiting the graves of relatives who have died within one year and those who have died more than one year. Remind friends that the time of tomb sweeping should be done according to the local customs.

2. What's the best time to start on the day of tomb sweeping?

It needs to be based on your own situation. In ancient times, it was at 5-7 o'clock, that is, Maoshi, that is, in the ancient calendar, it was one.

It's usually not so early now, but it's better to finish the Qingming mountain worship activity before 3 p.m., because the Yang Qi has gradually subsided and the Yin Qi has gradually increased. If the people with low fortune, they are easy to get entangled or harassed by the Yin spirit.

3. What flowers do you buy to mourn the dead on Tomb Sweeping Day?

It is usually chrysanthemum, because in ancient China, chrysanthemum was regarded as the flower of sustenance, which has the meaning of missing and remembering. White chrysanthemum is the most suitable, but also with some green grass, such as lily, green leaves, carnation, etc., will be more beautiful. Yellow chrysanthemum is known as longevity chrysanthemum, which is more suitable for visiting patients.

4. Look at your forehead in the morning of Qingming Festival

On the morning of the Tomb Sweeping Day, before washing, first look at your forehead in the mirror to see if you have a dark look. If you have a dark look, it means that your luck is low, so it's better to avoid sweeping the tomb as far as possible. If you must go, you can wear Benming Buddha Pendant, peach tree, etc. to dissolve the evil spirit and avoid bringing the evil spirit back home.

5. Do you need to fast before sweeping Tombs?

It's best to fast before sweeping tombs. When you start to sweep tombs, you'd better not eat food. If you want to eat vegetarian food, you can show your courtesy and respect to your ancestors.

6. How to dress for Tomb Sweeping?

may not. In order to respect the dead, grave sweepers should dress, think and act solemnly. Generally speaking, it is appropriate to wear dark clothes, dress neatly and look solemn when sweeping tombs.

What do you need to pay attention to in Tomb Sweeping Day

1. Don't laugh or scold when sweeping tombs

Because the graveyard is a place where the spirits can live in peace, it is not allowed to cross the grave and offerings, make loud noise, laugh, scold, slander, run around and pee everywhere. This is not only disrespectful to our ancestors, but also a nuisance to the nearby spirits.

2. Do not take photos in the graveyard

Ancestor worship is not just to commemorate the ancestors, but obviously means to worship and pray for the dead. Especially remind friends: be careful to take photos in the graveyard of ancestors, whether it is the group photo of the grave sweeper himself or the group photo of the grave sweeper and the graveyard. It's also taboo to take pictures of other tombs. Otherwise, your fortune is likely to decline and all aspects will be out of balance. Therefore, when you sweep the graves of your relatives, you should concentrate on them, don't look around, especially don't take photos in the cemeteries.

3. Mend the grave

It must be repaired! If the tombstone is damaged or there are plants growing on the tomb, the unearthed plants should be repaired and cleaned up immediately, especially the plants should not grow into trees, otherwise, serious damage will be caused to the living!

4. Don't judge others' graves

When passing by other people's graves, you should respect them and be careful. Don't trample on other people's cemeteries or flowers or comment on other people's graves. Otherwise, it will be regarded as blasphemy. If you encounter a bad atmosphere, you will get into trouble and go home.

What to do after the grave sweeping

1. Will Tomb Sweeping Day worship bring Yin Qi home

It's hard to explain this problem simply. Of course, we can wear some Buddha statues, amulets, mahogany, etc. In fact, as long as you are kind and respectful to your ancestors and respect the dead around you, there should be no problem.

2. What should be done after tomb sweeping

After the end of tomb sweeping, we should also be serious on the same day, instead of laughing. For Buddhist friends, it's best to recite the Heart Sutra or the great compassion mantra all the way back from tomb sweeping. After going home, if you feel tired, you should take a bath and change your clothes. The ritual of crossing the brazier before entering the house can remove the aura of the sacrifice when the fortune is low.

3. Do you need to clean up after Tomb Sweeping Day

It's similar to avoiding buying shoes before Tomb Sweeping Day. When you come back from Tomb Sweeping Day, you must clean your shoes. At the same time, the tips of your shoes should be inward, and the clothes you wear should be washed and dried.

4. If you have bad luck recently, you can use the following methods to get rid of it:

Prepare three peach branches or willow branches (peach branches and willow branches are both good things for avoiding evil spirits and evil spirits and removing bad luck). On the day of Qingming Festival, take a bath with three peach branches or willow branches, pat yourself, discard them after use, and drink Qingcao tea to get rid of bad luck.