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Tiktok: what do you mean by Cantonese eating what is the "Fu Jian"? Source of Cantonese eating Fujia

Recently, there is a very popular stalk on Cantonese, tiktok. In fact, this stem has been on the Internet for a long time, but many netizens don't understand what it means. So what stem is it for Cantonese to eat Fujianese?

What's the reason for Cantonese to eat Fujianese

In fact, the Cantonese eating Fujianese became popular in 2017. There are two versions of this word. The first one is because Cantonese on the Internet say that they eat everything, even mice. Fujianese say that they eat everything. So Cantonese directly say that they eat Fujianese.

There is another saying that at that time, some Fujianese said that Cantonese paid too little money for red packets, but only a hundred red packets. So Cantonese directly said that they ate Fujianese, so this stem became popular on the Internet. In fact, it didn't have much meaning. It was just the ridicule of netizens caused by some dialogues.

Now, Cantonese eat tiktok's stalks again on the shaking, so many netizens are very curious. To a certain extent, this stem indicates that Cantonese people can eat everything, any material can be used to eat, and anything can be used to make soup.

Where do Cantonese eat Fujianese

In fact, the reason why Cantonese eat Fujianese comes from the fact that the red envelope of Cantonese is no more than 100, which became popular on the Internet in 2017. In fact, many people in Guangdong will send red envelopes, such as neighbors or community staff, mainly to express happiness. The amount of red envelopes may not be very large.

So some netizens wanted to make fun of their Guangdong friend that the red envelope was no more than 100. Unexpectedly, this Guangdong friend directly said that Cantonese eat Fujianese, because in the rumor, people think that Cantonese eat everything. After this conversation content was posted on the Internet, it has become a very popular stem. Many people are very concerned about this stem. Since then, there has been the stem that Cantonese eat Fujianese.