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How to lose weight fast thin stomach? Tips to lose weight

The weather in autumn and winter often makes people feel cold, and people can't help but eat more when they have a meal. And qiufat came to us. Summer is coming soon. Do you want to lose weight? Otherwise summer is really ugly, so how can you lose weight quickly?

The best way to lose weight is to knead abdomen to lose weight

Every day after dinner, knead the abdomen standing, clockwise 20 times, counter clockwise 20 times, so repeated 10 times.

Principle: kneading the abdomen can activate the secretion function of gastrointestinal organs, so as to strengthen the digestion, absorption and excretion of food, significantly improve the peristaltic function of large and small intestines, play the role of excretion, prevent and eliminate constipation.

2、 Side sit ups

The specific requirements of side sit ups are as follows:

1. Lie on your back, then put your hands behind your ears; lift your legs up, one leg up, the other leg straight;

2. The rhythm turns the body, and the upper body should also cooperate with the twist.

3. Lift up for 10 times, change the other side, and lie on one side below the waist, and do the same for 10 times.

3、 The method of shrinking abdomen to walk

First of all, we should learn the abdominal breathing method

When you inhale, your belly bulges; when you exhale, it shrinks. For people who practice yoga or vocalization, this is a necessary training.

Principle: it helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the discharge of waste in the body, smooth air flow and increase vital capacity. Usually when walking and standing, we should also try to shrink the lower abdomen, cooperate with abdominal breathing, so that the lower abdomen is more tight.

You should always remind yourself that you can only lose weight by shrinking your abdomen. You will not get used to it in the first day or two, but you can see the effect in about two weeks.

Benefits: the lower abdomen will flatten and the walking posture will be more attractive. Want to lose weight in the abdomen of the girl, may wish to rub the stomach weight loss method and abdominal contraction walking method combination, I believe there will be a better thin abdominal effect.

4、 Boat sport

Practice: the whole person's body lies on the ground, and then the arms on the chest, the body below the legs began to lift up, use the strength of the waist, lift your upper and lower body off the ground, make a V shape, each time you lift up, exhale for 5-10 seconds, exhale and then put down.

5、 Flat motion with arms and toes touching the ground

This treadmill exercise can exercise the abdomen, back and other key parts, the effect of thin abdomen is very good. How to do it: lie face down with your front arms on the floor. Keep your toes on the ground and your body is prone. Rely on the strength of the abdomen and arms to make the body suspended, can't let the buttocks concave to the ground. Hold this position for 20 to 60 seconds, then put it down.

How to lose weight thin stomach Beauty Tips 1: after dinner stand against the wall

Sitting for a long time after meals makes it easier for fat to accumulate and form a small stomach. Standing against the wall for half an hour after meals can reduce fat accumulation. If standing against the wall, it can effectively thin the stomach.

Tip 2: stand and twist

In the spare time of sedentary study or work, stand up, straighten your chest, and then twist your waist. With the help of waist force, twist 100 times, and do it every day, it must have the effect of abdominal weight loss.

Tip 3: bath massage

When taking a bath, put your hands together on your navel and draw a big circle along the direction of the clock. Start from the back pelvis. At the beginning, use a little strength. The more you go to the left, the slower you will be. And the strength gradually begins to weaken. Repeat this action for 1 minute.

Tip 4: turn hula hoop

Shaking hula hoop can consume a lot of calories and promote fat burning. It is not suitable to do hula hoop too fast. The number of times depends on personal situation.

Tip 5: eat to lose weight

Every day with wax gourd soup to drink, can diuretic, boiled water, lemonade are very helpful for detoxification drinks, can help reduce the accumulation of fat on the stomach.

Want to get rid of abdominal fat, these methods are very effective, can not give up halfway Oh!