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How is panda blood drawn more? More panda blood is a rumor

On April 4, the wechat official number of Chenzhou central blood station issued an article to refute the rumor that "panda blood was taken more" on the Internet. Rare blood types cannot be detected in the preliminary screening stage, and blood samples must be sent back to the blood station for examination before identification.

What's the matter with more panda blood? More panda blood is a rumor

It is reported that the earlier source of the news came from the news on a Netease account on March 31. According to the report, when she donated blood with her friends, she agreed to donate 200 ml each, but the staff found that Xiaoqian's blood type was a 'rare blood type', so they suggested donating more. Considering Xiaoqian's thin figure, my friend refused.

However, the report said that after drawing blood, Xiaoqian found that she had drawn 100 ml more blood than her friends. The nurse said, "I can't help smoking all the time" and "if there is no adverse reaction, I will give you more food.".

This post has attracted numerous netizens to discuss. Later, the staff of Chenzhou central blood station contacted the blood donor to verify the situation, and then the donor clarified the matter on the Internet: except that the pictures are true, the content of the article is purely fiction. What's the matter with more panda blood? More panda blood is a rumor

In the afternoon of April 2, the party used the microblog social account @ yuan Yuxi to clarify the incident:

Good evening, I'm a blood donor. Recently, this post of blood donation suddenly became popular. I'm also confused. I didn't know about it until the people in the blood station called me today. For this, I want to state the real situation here:

1. I have never posted this post on Weibo, but on other software, and the content is not like this

2. I'm not from Jinzhou or Guangxi. I'm from Hunan

3. I'm not a junior girl student. I was already working when I donated blood!!

4. My name is not Xiaoqian! My name is not Xiaoqian! My name is my microblog name

5. My blood type is not rare. My friend who accompanied me didn't donate blood

6, I didn't expect that I posted a message at that time, that is, I want to make complaints about it. I can't be imagined as a fake! It's spread quickly in micro-blog, and the facts of the post are totally out of line with what I said.

Please don't spread that rumor full of false information any more! I feel particularly aggrieved & hellip; & hellip; after all, I just want to make some contribution as an adult. Thank you and good luck.

In addition, Article 9 of the blood donation law stipulates: "it is strictly forbidden for blood stations to collect excessive and frequent blood from blood donors in violation of regulations.". And if it's a rare blood type, it can't be found when donating blood. It can only be detected in the hospital.