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What are the best places to visit Zhuhai? Zhuhai free travel destination recommendation

Zhuhai is very close to Hong Kong and Macao. Now with the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, it becomes more and more convenient for the three to travel. Zhuhai is known as the "city of 100 islands". There are 146 islands, large and small. The beautiful islands all have their own characteristics. Today, I'd like to introduce the necessary scenic spots in Zhuhai. I remember to introduce these scenic spots in the one-day free tour strategy of Zhuhai Do a good job of the strategy.

What are the best places to visit Zhuhai

Lovers Road

To travel in Zhuhai, it's absolutely necessary to take a walk on the lovers' road, which is built near the sea. This scenic spot can be regarded as the city card of Zhuhai. The famous statue of Zhuhai fisherman is in the middle of the lovers' road. Many tourists will come to the lovers' Road to take a walk in the sea breeze, and look up at Macao opposite. If they bring their guests, it's romantic and pleasant to come here for a walk hand in hand in half an evening.

Wailingding Island

Wailingding island is definitely a relaxing island. It's most comfortable to go to the island on a sunny day with good sunshine and beautiful scenery. When you come to wailingding Island, you can swim in the seaside swimming pool, enjoy cheap and good seafood and barbecue at will, and have a leisurely and perfect holiday here, or climb Lingding peak to have a bird's-eye view of the whole island.

What are the best places to visit Zhuhai

Zhuhai Changlong ocean Kingdom

Zhuhai Changlong ocean kingdom is a very suitable scenic spot for parent-child travel. Tourists with children can come here to play. It is one of the largest ocean theme parks in the world. There are a total of eight theme areas with a collection of many rare marine animals. While watching animals, you can also watch performances, especially the dolphin performance in the polar theater. It is absolutely wonderful.

East Australia

The most eye-catching part of Dongao island is the beach. Among the three beaches of Nansha Bay, Dazhu Bay and Xiaozhu Bay, Nansha Bay is the most famous. Its beach is warm and delicate. You can walk on the beach, pick up shells and take photos. In a word, Dongao island is full of natural and primitive tropical island style. Even if you don't do anything, you can just blow the sea breeze on the beach and watch the vast sea The sea is also a pleasure.

If you travel to Zhuhai, it is suggested that you can arrange a few more days to play on several islands. The four scenic spots recommended above are all necessary for Zhuhai Tourism. Remember to open them. If you are interested, you can also experience the Royal hot spring in Zhuhai. It is an old Japanese hot spring, which is very popular.