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Xichang set April 4 as a day of mourning

Xichang Municipal People's Government of Sichuan Province announced today that in order to mourn the heroes who died fighting the Muli forest fire, Xichang Municipal People's government decided to stop all public entertainment activities in the whole city on April 4, 2019.

A forest fire broke out in Li'er village, Yalongjiang Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province at 5 p.m. on March 30, according to the voice of China's news. After days of fighting, at present, the fire has been under control, yesterday (3) the local launched a general attack on the areas with smoke spots.

After all-out fighting, the day before yesterday morning, there was no open fire in Muli forest fire, only a small amount of smoke on the inner cliff, there was no threat of spread. At about 13 pm yesterday, local conditions for artificial precipitation were available, and the meteorological department implemented artificial precipitation in time. The rainfall is very beneficial to the cleaning of the fire. The reporter learned that in the past two days, more than 500 firefighters and five helicopters carried out a thorough clean-up of the fire through ground air cooperation.

The night before yesterday, the more than 500 firefighters did not withdraw. Instead, they took a rest nearby under the condition of ensuring safety. At 5 a.m. yesterday, the firefighters took advantage of the local relatively low temperature and low wind to launch a general attack on the areas where smoke spots still need to be cleared. Xie Shien, the full-time deputy commander of forest and grassland fire prevention headquarters in Liangshan Prefecture, said, "yesterday, we basically cleaned up the residual fire by hand, divided it into two groups, entered the fire site from the ridge, and went to the lower part of the mountain to clean up. After the rain, the fire site should be further cleaned up to prevent resurgence. '

In order to provide supplies for firefighters, 12 boys in Muli County rode motorcycles to help transport water, rice and other materials. The local people told reporters, "the mountain road that the young men ride is very narrow and dangerous. No one else can ride it. Only these young men can come. It will take them more than an hour to arrive at the appointed place. A special person will walk for another two hours to carry these supplies up the mountain to the firefighters. These young men come here voluntarily, and they have to run back and forth several times a day. '

In addition, for the 30 firefighters who died in the fire, the local people also spontaneously carried out many activities in memory of the 30 fire fighting heroes in the past two days. For example, early yesterday morning, many citizens of Xichang went to the funeral home in Xichang to mourn the hero who died in the Muli fire. Along the way, the streets were covered with white flowers and black banners, which said 'hero, go all the way' and 'fire fighting hero forever'.

In front of the memorial hall, people lined up, presented their flowers and bowed to pay homage. Because there were too many people coming, the flowers had already filled the corridor outside the funeral home. Around 4 p.m. yesterday, there was a neat song outside the funeral home in Xichang City. More than 200 veterans came from all over the country to see their former comrades off. According to a veteran, most of the veterans who came here were comrades in arms with the heroes. Some are in the same team and some in the same class. At that time, after hearing the news of losing contact, they were unwilling to accept it and repeatedly verified it. Later, they got together through wechat group and drove more than 20 cars to see their comrades off for the last ride.

Xichang municipal government of Sichuan Province announced yesterday: in order to mourn the heroes who died fighting the Muli forest fire, Xichang Municipal People's government decided to stop all public entertainment activities in the whole city on April 4, 2019.