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What is the power of the game poster all out? Game of Thrones Season 8 broadcast time

On April 3, 'all posters of the game of power' appeared on the microblog for hot search. What's the matter? In the final season of the game of power, season 8, the official poster was released, and the main characters were all destroyed, even the king of the night died. Netizens commented: "to compare Bento number with" Fulian 4 "next door, it's all gone, only the Dragon survived, and then the big ending. And then the show starts again, Jurassic Park. '

What is the power of the game poster all out

The ending of the eighth season must be bittersweet, and the war scene is also the largest since the eighth season. The golden regiment, ice dragon and fire dragon, ghost and night watchman, who is the final overlord of Westeros, will be revealed in the final ending. However, recently, Quanyou has released a new poster, which implies the bleak ending.

When will the game of Thrones Season 8 come out

The eighth season of game of Thrones will be released in HBO on April 14, with only six episodes. However, it is said that each episode has been carefully edited for more than an hour. Please look forward to it. The seventh season of game of Thrones was two years ago. How long did you wait for the final one.