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What is the cause of Liangshan fire in Sichuan? Experts explain the cause of Liangshan fire

What is the cause of the forest fire in Liangshan, Sichuan? At present, 30 people have been killed and many young firefighters have been killed in the fire, which is heartbreaking. So what is the main cause of the fire in Liangshan?

On April 2, the staff of relevant departments of Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan Province said at the forest fire news conference in Muli County that at present, the relevant departments have set up an investigation team to investigate the cause of the fire and the rescue process according to law, especially the deflagration and other situations, and the relevant information will be released to the public in a timely manner.

Earlier, some media reported that the Liangshan fire in Sichuan was triggered by lightning, and the sudden change of wind and deflagration caused the death of many firefighters.

What is deflagration in Liangshan forest fire? What are the causes?

What is' deflagration '? Bai Ye, the leader of China's forest fire science, said:' deflagration 'usually refers to' explosive combustion ', which is similar to what forest firefighters usually call' flashover 'when they put out fires. It often occurs suddenly, and will form huge fireballs and mushroom clouds in a short time. The temperature of deflagration is extremely high. '

What are the causes of deflagration? White night said: first, the ground vegetation and forest fuel decay after long-term accumulation, and then produce a lot of combustible gas. At the same time, after mixing with the rotten fuel, it suddenly meets the open fire and burns; Second, in the steep slope, ridge, rock uplift terrain, saddle, Shankou Valley, caotanggou and other special and relatively closed terrain, the spread of forest fire makes the fuel in these terrain preheat and burn together.

What are the hazards of deflagration? According to Bai Ye, the first is to burn a large number of ground cover plants, causing harm to the local ecological environment and people's lives and property; the second is to produce a large number of high-temperature harmful gases, scalding the respiratory tract of the trapped, and at the same time, the trapped will lead to poisoning, coma and even direct death due to inhaling a large number of harmful gases; The third is to produce high temperature heat wave, which will cause burns to the trapped, and in serious cases, it will directly burn the trapped to death.

"Forest firefighters should also pay attention to protect their own safety when they carry out fire fighting and rescue. "Bai Ye said: first, it is necessary to investigate the situation of the fire, try to avoid dangerous terrain, vegetation types and meteorological conditions, and then carry out scientific fire fighting; second, at the scene of the fire, remember not to escape along the wind direction, or escape to the mountains or through the saddle, etc; Third, during the rescue, if it is found that there are no combustible farmland, rivers, lakes and other areas nearby, it should be quickly transferred to these areas and squatted to avoid danger; if the fire is too big and leads to being trapped, it can also use wet towel to block the mouth and nose, wrap the exposed skin, hair and other parts, and quickly rush out of the fire line in the direction of the spread of the fire.

Bai Ye thinks that if the burning area of the fire is large, but there is a distance from the forest firefighters, we can take the way of 'fighting the fire with fire', that is, in the opposite direction of the fire spreading, we can use the fire to burn a certain area first, when the fire arrives, there is no combustible around, so it can't spread, and at the same time, two flames meet; When the oxygen is used up, the flame will go out naturally. But this method, on the one hand, should be used when the wind is not strong. If the wind is too strong, it will be counterproductive. On the other hand, we should master certain professional knowledge and be able to make a clear and calm judgment on the fire situation. Ordinary people should not try blindly. 'said the white night.

What is the cause of the forest fire in Liangshan, Sichuan

It is understood that the disaster of this forest fire is mainly due to the 'lightning fire'. The reason why this fire is difficult to put out is that there has been deflagration in the process of fighting the fire. This kind of situation usually occurs suddenly in the process of disaster relief, and the temperature is very high when the explosion, which will form a giant fireball or mushroom cloud. As we all know, mushroom cloud is generally a guide Because of the power of the bomb, this deflagration is also the main cause of casualties.

Many people doubt how deflagration is produced. In fact, deflagration is produced in the natural environment. Forests, vegetation or other soil on the earth are extremely easy to become combustible objects in the conversion of time, just like natural gas. So when you meet Mars, it's easier to explode.

Is the forest fire extinguished in Liangshan, Sichuan Province

It is understood that the fire had been completely put out at 3:00 p.m. on April 2, and now the danger has been completely controlled. In order to control the disaster, the forest protection station also deployed five helicopters to spray water at high altitude to put out the fire. A total of 65 tons of water were sprayed. Five planes flew 15 times. The severity of the fire can be seen.

And for this disaster relief, firefighters have made great sacrifices. So far, nearly 30 people have died, and many other officers and soldiers have been seriously injured.