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What's going on with the most powerful brain cheating scandal? Bao Yun responded positively to queri

"The strongest brain" has been eating melons constantly these days. No one thought that the event caused by Wang Yimu's cheating would be like this. Bao Yun and Shuige have problems with their voice program team, but Qi Wei and Wei Kunlin are standing in line. The program team supports the producer Mou sang. Today, when we talk about Wei again, he wanted to actually beat Bao Yun to cheat first, but he didn't expect that his voice would default to the festival The project group really has the fact that it has a black screen and acquiesces in cheating.

The thing is, first of all, Wei Kunlin sent two chat screenshots of Bao Yun to tell you that he had pulled the team members ahead of time and missed the title, and then sent the detailed chat screenshots of Bao Yun and a player to Sina exclusive. But in fact, after reading the chat screenshots, we found that the content of the chat seemed very normal. After all, there was a rehearsal before the competition, and the player must know the title, so It seems normal for Bao Yun to delimit the test range for the players. Even if he doesn't say it, other team leaders will also say it to the players.

And now Bao Yun has responded. This response to nagging Wei's question can be said to be very domineering and persuasive.

In fact, the player in the chat record of Dao Dao Dao Wei FA is brain King Zheng Linkai. Dao Dao Wei insists that Bao Yun is cheating for the player. Does he indirectly admit that Zheng Linkai participated in cheating but was eliminated in the early competition and revived?

Revealing the scope of the question type and releasing the question are two things. It can also be said that selecting the team members and pulling the group are one thing. Who chooses the team members doesn't want to add the team members to the group? According to Bao Yun, nagging Wei is to change the concept and double label.

I just didn't expect that Wei Kunlin gave the player's chat record to the relevant people this time, but it was the same as telling everyone that Zheng Linkai, the player, was also involved in Wei Kunlin's thought of cheating, and also acquiesced that the program group allowed such things to happen. The program group really had a copy and a black screen. In addition, Wei Kunlin seems to have said that he disclosed and taught the players the topic when he selected the players in the early stage of the program. Then, didn't he delimit the topic range for the players like Bao Yun?

Looking back on Bao Yun's exposure of Wang Yimu's cheating incident, he started to talk about the shady scenes of the program group. Now Wei Kunlin, Qi Wei and others from the program group have been trying to divert Bao Yun's attention from the incident. In fact, the eyes of the program fans are all bright. What do you think?