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What is the moral of turquoise? What are the effects of wearing Turquoise

As one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, turquoise has always been loved and respected by Tibetan people. In recent years, with the upsurge of entertainment in the domestic market, turquoise has become one of the necessary accessories for many entertainment lovers. As a religious object, what is the implication of turquoise? What are the functions of wearing Turquoise?

What is the meaning of turquoise? What is the effect of wearing Turquoise

In Tibetan culture, Tibetans believe that turquoise is the incarnation of God, which also marks the power and status, thus becoming the most fashionable sacred jewelry. Turquoise was used to decorate the crown of the first Tibetan king, and was also used as an altar offering

Because the Tibetan people believe that turquoise has divine power, it is also considered to be an auspicious thing that can protect peace and drive away evil.

Of course, in addition to Tibetans who regard Turquoise as a sacred object, turquoise is also worshipped in most ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, Persia and Aztec.

What is the meaning of turquoise? What is the effect of wearing Turquoise

In the history of ancient Persia, turquoise was considered to be a mysterious thing to avoid evil spirits and was made into amulet. Turquoise ornaments have been found in many ancient Persian tombs.

The ancient Indians regarded Turquoise as a holy stone. They believed that wearing Turquoise ornaments not only could get the protection of gods, but also symbolized 'trust and trust', and also brought auspicious and good luck to the expeditionary people. They were known as the lucky stone of success.

In western society, turquoise also means victory and success, so turquoise is also known as the 'stone of success'.

As a recognized 'December Birthstone' at home and abroad, turquoise represents warmth and vitality, eternity and success.

Westerners believe that wearing Turquoise ornaments can avoid all unexpected misfortunes, bring good luck, and make life full of love. It is the stone of success and luck.