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How to customize your skin? QQ space yellow diamond upload custom skin method

QQ space has yellow diamond level, space open yellow diamond or have a lot of treatment, so yellow diamond level how to customize the skin? The following small make-up with you to see QQ space yellow diamond upload custom skin method.

methods / steps of uploading user-defined skin on QQ space yellow diamond:

1: Log in to QQ space.

2: On the QQ space page, put the mouse on the 'Settings' in the upper right corner, a pinion icon, display the list of options, and click' home page typesetting '.

3: Go to the 'dress up' page and click 'DIY dress up' at the top.

4: In the 'DIY dress up' window, click 'background' on the left, and then click 'map' - 'select Map' on the right. According to the page prompt, you can select and upload pictures in the album and network pictures.

5: After uploading, you can see the basic display effect of the picture. You can choose the picture mode according to your preference (if you choose the 'adapt' picture mode, the picture can be displayed in full screen), the picture position, background color, setting scrolling or fixing, and finally click 'Save' in the upper right corner.

Note: yellow diamond LV3 and above or annual fee yellow diamond can only use custom skin function. There is no size limit for the image size (for the best effect, it is recommended to use more than 500 pixels). The supported formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and the size should be less than 2m. For images larger than 2m, please use the speed upload tool.

Photo caption:

1) Photo album selection: by selecting photos or pictures uploaded to QQ photo album; 2) upload pictures: by browsing the local computer, you can select the photos you need to use. (the uploaded pictures will be stored in the map album, if not, a map album will be automatically generated, please do not delete it easily, after deleting the picture or map album, you will not be able to display the custom skin normally.) ; 3) network image: set it as a custom title by using the network image link.