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What month and day is Easter this year? Is Easter holiday in 2019

Easter is a festival in the West. In China, Easter is not a traditional national holiday, so it will not be a holiday. What is the date of Easter in 2019? Let's take a look.

What's the date of Easter in 2019

Easter in 2019 is Sunday, April 21, 2019, and March 17, the year of the pig.

Easter is an important western festival, which falls on the first Sunday after the full moon on the equinox. Christians believe that Easter symbolizes rebirth and hope, to commemorate the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection on the third day after he was crucified between 30 and 33 A.D.

In Easter, American food is also very characteristic, mainly mutton and ham. The purpose of Easter eggs is to bring happiness to people - that's true! These eggs are beautiful and decorative. They represent people's wishes and share with you the joy of changing seasons.

Is Easter holiday in 2019

In most western countries, the holiday begins on Friday, usually four days. However, the regulations of each country are different, and the holiday days will be different. In China, Easter is not a national legal holiday, so it will not be a holiday. But Easter in 2019 is April 21, Sunday, which belongs to the weekend, so it is a holiday.

The origin of Easter

According to the New Testament, Jesus was crucified and resurrected on the third day, hence the name of Easter. Easter is the most important festival of Christian religion, which is more important than Christmas. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ rose three days after his death on the cross, so this festival is established. According to the Bible and the date of the Passover of the advanced Israelites, historians calculate that the first Sunday after the end of the month after the equinox (March 21) is the day of Jesus' resurrection mentioned in the Bible. Since the equinox is not fixed every year, the specific date of Easter is uncertain, but the festival period is roughly between March 22 and April 25.

Day 1: Good Friday. It is said that it is good Friday. On this day, there are no candles, flowers or bells in the church. On this day, people generally eat fish, because fish is called ichthys in Greek, which is equivalent to the abbreviation of Jesus Christ, son of God and Savior. It is said that according to Christian custom, animals in the sky and on the earth cannot be eaten on this day.

Day two: Resurrection Saturday. On this day, no religious service is held in the church. It is also the eve of Jesus' resurrection. From Saturday to Sunday, Christians gather again to welcome Jesus. On this day, women often bake Easter sheep, Easter braided bread or Easter cake to color the last batch of Easter eggs.

Day three: Resurrection Sunday. On this day, Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. On this day, the church lights candles and rings bells. On this day, breakfast is very rich. Children will go to the garden to look for the hidden Easter eggs.

Day 4: Resurrection Monday. On this day, every Church holds a resurrection ceremony. On this day, families often get together, eat and drink, or travel together.

In these days, the happiest must be children. They can not only receive all kinds of gifts, but also enjoy playing with their friends in spring. They enjoy looking for colored eggs in the garden, enjoying all kinds of stories, and enjoying the happiness and beauty of childhood.