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What are the ancient poems about Qingming Festival? A collection of ancient poems in Qingming Festiv

The day after tomorrow is Tomb Sweeping Day. Tomb Sweeping Day is a grand day in ancient times. Many poets would write poems to commemorate it. Qingming Festival is a traditional festival in China, so what are the poems about Qingming Festival? The literati also casually portray Qingming as a world of plants and flowers. A collection of poems about Qingming Festival.


Du Mu (Tang Dynasty)

A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day; The mourner's heart is going to break on his way.

Where can a wineshop be found to drown his sad hours? A cowherd points to a cot mid apricot flowers.

The most famous poem about the custom of cold food on Qingming Festival is as follows:

Cold food

(Tang) Han Hong

There are flowers everywhere in the spring city, and the cold food makes the willows slant.

At dusk, the Han Palace passed candles and light smoke came into the house of the five marquis.

One of the poems about Qingming Festival:

Qingming night

Bai Juyi

Good wind hazy moon clear night, Bi build red Xuan thorn historian.

Walk around the cloister and take a rest. Listen to the strings and watch the flowers.

Send Deng Rui's second son home on Qingming Day

Dai shulun

The sound of the bells and drums leaves the sun, and the traffic promotes the night clothes.

The new fire of Xiao kitchen, the dark frost of light willow.

Pass the mirror to see HUAFA, hold the cup to talk about hometown.

Every child's tears, today's self stained clothes.

Liu Changqing in Tang Dynasty

When the scenery is clear and bright, the cloud mountain stands in front of us.

A hundred flowers are like old days, and ten thousand wells are full of new smoke.

The grass has no open space, and the river flows into the sky.

Where is Chang'an.

The future of the Qing Dynasty

You and Tian Su are old friends, and I'll make plans for them.

Two years of isolation under the yellow spring, all day sad song water head.

Gulls seem to be able to match physics, while apricot flowers are suspicious and anxious.

Widows and children should eat cold food, looking at Jiangling in tears.

Cold food: Meng Yunqing

In February, the south of the Yangtze River is full of flowers, and the cold food in other places is far from sad.

Poor people often live without fireworks, not only in the Ming Dynasty.

Meng Haoran in the Tang Dynasty

In the emperor's mind, the mind is sad.

The sound of the car on the road, willow color east city green.

The flowers and the grass grow together, and the warblers fly and the butterflies play together.

Empty hall sitting in memory, drinking tea to chat on behalf of drunk.

Qingming - [Tang] Sun Changyin

In the late spring of Qingming, I look at the northern mountain border.

Flint fire opens new flame, Tung flower sends old branch.

Shen Ming is ashamed of the old things, and banquets prevent friends from knowing.

Not as good as the birds in the forest.

Wei Yingwu in Tang Dynasty

The cold food prescription is sickly.

In the end, the county was filled with fireworks.

Apricot porridge is still edible, and elm soup has been slightly fried.

I only hate my dear swallow and spend this fragrant year.

Chang'an Qingming - [Tang] Weizhuang

Fleas hurt the spring dream, but the grass is more delicate.

The first time the internal officials gave Qingming fire, the upper prime minister was free to pay for it.

Zimo random hiss red Chiba dial, green poplar Gao Ying painting swing.

Visitors remember the Chengping event, secretly happy scenery like the past.

Cold food on the way

Song Zhiwen

It's cold food right away. It's late spring on the way.

Poor jiangpuwang, no Luoqiao people.

North Pole huaiming Lord, Nanming as a courtier.

At the heartbreak of my hometown, willows are new day and night.

Lu men Ji Shi

(Tang) Zhang Ji

The cultivator recruits the love building boat, the spring grass is green, ten thousand fields;

There are some new smoke in the Qingming Dynasty.


Wang Yuqiao (Song Dynasty)

No flowers, no wine, Qingming, Xiaoran like a wild monk.

Yesterday, the next door begged for a new fire, Xiao Chuang Fen and the reading lamp.

Hanshi Shangzhong

(Song Dynasty) Yang Wanli

How can I help you when the bridge is in danger?

Distant mountain maple outside light, broken house wheat edge alone.

The spring breeze of the old grasses, the spring breeze of the new fields.

Pear since cold food, into the festival only worry about more than.

Suburban travel

(song) Cheng Hao

The grass is green and wild, and spring is far away;

Xingzhuluan red through the willow lane, solid because of water sitting Taiji;

Don't give me any advice, just for fear that the wind will turn red;

If it's a fine day on Qingming Day, don't forget to return.

Qingming - Song Dynasty Huang Tingjian

Peach and plum smile in the Qingming Festival, but only worry in the wilderness.

Thunder startles the world, dragon and snake sting, rain is enough, and the grass and trees in the suburbs are soft.

People beg for sacrifices to Yu Jiao's concubine, but Shi Gan burns her to death.

For thousands of years, sages and fools know who they are, and their eyes are full of Artemisia.

Qing Ming and Song Dynasty: Wang Yu

No flowers, no wine, Qingming, Xiaoran like a wild monk.

Yesterday, the next door begged for a new fire, Xiao Chuang Fen and the reading lamp.

Send Chen Xiucai back to shashang provincial tomb

Gao Qi

Full of blood, tears and dust, it is also sad to return home after the chaos.

Wind and rain pear flower cold food, how many grave descendants come?