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How is Zhao Lixin criticized by name? Abusive remarks from netizens

On April 2, actor Zhao Lixin asked why the Japanese didn't burn the Forbidden City, which caused great controversy. As a public figure and actor, it's incredible to make such improper remarks.

Just now, he issued an apologetic statement, saying that there were great ambiguities in his way of expression and in the process of speculative exchanges with netizens. He stressed that as a public figure, he should be more rigorous and realistic in terms of history and academia, and have zero tolerance for trampling on the people's bottom line. I hope you can tolerate and supervise him.

On April 2, Zhao Lixin asked on his microblog, "why didn't the Japanese take away the cultural relics from the Forbidden City and burn it down after eight years of occupation of Beijing? Is this in line with the nature of the invaders?" this caused great controversy. Later, he was named by Ziguangge, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and China's anti cult, saying that his views were too naive and that he should have a little knowledge of his country's past history.

in the early morning of the 3rd, Zhao Lixin issued a long apology statement to express his apology: "for the lack of rigorous wording, which led to great controversy and unhappiness, I would like to express my most sincere apology to everyone. At the same time, I deeply blame and regret for the storm of public opinion caused by the context deviation. He also said that he would use his words and deeds to prove that the apology and statement were sincere.