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Tiktok Shen Wei, who is a voice wandering, is so angry what Shen Wei is on CCTV.

On the tiktok, a strange wanderer became popular because he read books, politely, and well written calligraphy. He was called a master of wandering. His story ended with the fact that he was gone after being taken away. But because of the positive evaluation of Bai Yansong recently hosted by Newsweek, he was once again concerned about him.

During this period of time, wandering master Shen Wei occupied a lot of media space. Although such a public official who had been wandering for 26 years was dissuaded by his company, he continued to spend money on his books. Then the question came, why did he choose to wander? Most people who were called masters were not ordinary people. For example, Chonger, Duke Wen of Jin in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, fled to escape pursuit In the 19th year of his death, Wu Zixu, a native of the state of Chu, had to flee all night in order to avoid being chased and killed. Chong ER and Wu Zixu can undoubtedly be called masters, because they have done things that ordinary people can't do, and achieved achievements that ordinary people can't achieve.

But the wandering master Shen Wei is not the same. He is an auditor of the audit bureau of Xuhui District, the largest city in China. In the 1990s, 26 years ago, Shanghai was such a desirable place, and the audit department was also a very eye-catching unit. According to media reports, master Shen Wei is also an ideal person. At the beginning, he actively advocated garbage sorting because of his persistence and responsible attitude towards work. As a result, relevant leaders thought that he had a bad brain and advised him to retire early.

I didn't expect that such an ambitious person would lose his ideal support, but he didn't get depressed. Looking at the media reports, we can see that he is still a literature lover who likes poetry and books. Not only that, he often teaches people along the avenue and beside the community. Xiao Bian admires master Shen Wei's courage and resentment, but I still don't understand one thing. When master Shen explains the story of Chong er's escape and Wu Zixu's crossing Zhaoguan to passers-by, how does he view the situation he is facing?

Recently, wandering master Shen Wei caught fire. He was a tramp, but he raised a lot of public opinion on the Internet, and even stepped on the stage of CCTV. In the CCTV news "Newsweek", he got a positive evaluation from CCTV: This is not an escape performance, because everyone has the right to choose how to survive. On March 30, wandering master Shen Wei appeared in the character section of cctv-13 news channel program Newsweek. In this people's weekly section, CCTV gave Shen Wei a positive evaluation, and said: This is not an escape performance, because everyone has the right to choose how to survive.

Among them, CCTV host Bai Yansong also gave a positive evaluation, he said: money is hard to buy, like. It's really like this, as long as you don't disturb everyone and have a good time, you don't have to care about other people's eyes. Life is only once, why not become what you like? And for his popularity, Shen Wei once told reporters: for this popularity, I am very surprised. I don't understand why you call me a 'master of Chinese culture'. I just read a few more books and have some knowledge. I confess that 'this is not the life I want. '

However, Shen Wei didn't drift away. He soberly said that his understanding was still very simple. He was ashamed of the name of master. People's onlookers also made him sleepy day and night. After that, he left his temporary residence and escaped from the crowd. What do you think of this? Welcome to discuss.