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Can shrimp head be eaten? I want to eat shrimp head. This is the most delicious way

Can shrimp head be eaten? Shrimp is a kind of seafood that many people like. Many people remove shrimp head when eating shrimp. Can shrimp head be eaten? In fact, shrimp head can be eaten, but it must be dealt with before eating.

Can shrimp head be eaten

Generally speaking, only the head of live shrimp can be eaten.

In life, many people think that the head of shrimp contains the toxic substances of the whole shrimp, such as heavy metals. In fact, this is true. However, because shrimp itself is very sensitive to the living environment of shrimp, if the toxic substances and heavy metals in the head of shrimp exceed the standard, the shrimp may die directly.

So to judge whether a shrimp head can be eaten, as long as it is a live shrimp, because it means that the toxic substances in the shrimp head do not exceed the standard, and it is within the tolerance range of the human body. However, it is suggested not to eat dead shrimp. After all, I don't know how the shrimp died.

Although it has been proved that live shrimp heads can be eaten, for the sake of human health, we can also suggest scientific treatment.

How to eat shrimp head

First of all, we need to prepare materials, fresh shrimp and scissors. Next, let's talk about the specific steps.

1. Cut off the head of shrimp

The scissors are placed at an angle of 45 degrees at the head of the shrimp, starting from the brain of the shrimp and cutting downward.

2. Remove the shrimp brain

In the last step, after cutting off the head of shrimp, use scissors to pick out the black and red things in the head of shrimp. Because the brain of shrimp is very dirty, it must be removed. Oh, the black is the brain.

3. Remove the shrimp intestines

In fact, as long as you gently pull the head of the shrimp, some of the intestines will be pulled out, but the head of the shrimp is cut off, so you can only grab the head of the shrimp and start to pull it out, so it's easy to pull out the intestines.

4. Keep shrimp yellow

Shrimp roe and crab roe are both very precious, so we must try our best to keep them. Shrimp roe is next to the brain of shrimp. It is yellow, so we must pay attention to it when dealing with it.

5. Reduce shrimp tail

It doesn't matter if you put the prawn tail. But for the sake of beauty, it also needs to be removed. When you cut it, you must cut more. If you cut a little meat, it doesn't matter.

In addition, if you really find it troublesome, you can actually remove the shrimp head, because you may not be able to clean it yourself.