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How to memorize English words quickly and effectively?

Many people can't do without learning in their daily life. The important part of learning is English, and the important part of English is memorizing words. Memorizing English words quickly and effectively is the best way to learn English. So how to memorize words quickly and effectively is one of the methods we must master.

Eat more brain food. Fish, fish can promote brain memory. Rich in lecithin, it is an important source of neurotransmitters in human brain. It can delay aging. Walnuts, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, 3-5 walnuts a day can enhance memory and eliminate fatigue. Peanuts, bananas, pumpkins, milk, sesame and so on.

It's the best time to remember words when you get up. People who have just got up are very conscious and dynamic, with excellent memory. So it's the best time to remember when you just get up. Memorizing words is the most taboo. Memorizing words should be the memory of reading and writing along with the sentence and word pronunciation. The most important thing is to read the words into letters, such as e, m, P, l, O, y, e, R, while writing. When you finish writing ten words, you will find that it is much better than reading with a book. The words will also be very impressive in your mind.

The second stage of memorizing words is to combine the memorized words with the article. Students can choose to read more reading questions to consolidate the words they memorize. Moreover, by doing reading questions, we can reinforce the words and enrich our vocabulary. When we remember words, we will always encounter some words that we can't remember and are not easy to remember. At this time, we will record them in a small book. Usually when you are free, take it out of your pocket and turn it over. Look at it several times. It's also very good. Because people have a better memory when they are unconscious, it is better to remember things all the time than to see the memory effect inadvertently.