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What's the name of chuncaitou? What are the functions and effects of spring vegetable head

Although it's raining all over the country, it can't stop spring girl's steps. The peach blossoms in the community are blooming, the pear blossoms on both sides of the road show a white smile, and the willows on the riverside vie to drop green silk tapers. According to the traditional custom, in such a good time of spring, we should eat spring vegetable head and make spring soup with it. After eating it, we will be healthy and safe for a year. It can be seen that the efficacy of spring vegetable is great. Let's take a look at the efficacy and function of spring vegetable!

What's the name of chuncaitou

Chuncaitou, also known as chunbihao, is a kind of wild amaranth. Every spring, in the fields you can see green, looks like spring head. Every spring equinox, there are people in the village to pick, used to make spring soup, wash the liver and intestines, so that the whole family are healthy.

Efficacy and function of Brassica campestris

1. It has the effect of increasing appetite

Spring will spring vegetable head back, stewed in a pot, it tastes slightly bitter, some friends may not like to eat, but this is the embodiment of the effect of spring vegetable head. This bitterness can make the stomach secrete more digestive enzymes, promote the work of digestive organs, and enhance appetite.

2. It can balance water and electrolyte

Spring cabbage contains a lot of potassium, but less sodium. After eating, it can balance the water and electrolyte in the body, reduce blood pressure and relieve edema. High blood pressure patients and heart patients after eating, can let the body of all kinds of water electrolyte balance, let blood pressure down.

3. It can regulate the function of nervous system

The reason why chuncaitou is highly praised is that it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, which can regulate the function of our nervous system and make all organs and systems work in a unified and complete way.

4. It has the effect of clearing stomach heat

Chuncaitou can clear away heat and diuresis, and patients with adverse urination or hematuria symptoms can eat more. It can eliminate heat toxin in the body and improve hematuria symptoms.