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Why sterilize a pet cat? Is sterilization humane

Many dog owners know that dogs need to be sterilized. In fact, pet cats also need to be sterilized. In this way, a lot of traffic cats and dogs will be avoided. As a qualified dung shoveling officer, this is actually very good for the cat itself. So what should be paid attention to in the sterilization of pet cats?

Because when the cat grows up to sexual maturity, it will appear the characteristics of estrus. There are some differences in estrus performance between male and female cats. When a male cat is in oestrus, the most obvious feature is the 'enuresis' behavior, and the constant and loud howling in the middle of the night. When male cats are in estrus, they like to urinate everywhere, and this so-called 'enuresis' behavior has nothing to do with excretion in essence. It is not to empty the urine of the bladder, but a behavior of dividing areas.

Unlike a female cat in estrus, the male cat's reproductive system is congested during estrus and does not shed bloody mucus. At the same time, the male cat's mood will become restless, they will try their best to run away from home, to find their mate outdoors. And also like to howl in the middle of the night, will make between neighbors can't sleep at ease. If a cat has no chance of mating after estrus, the estrus of the cat will be intermittent and continuous. The estrus period may last for about 20 days, but the interval between them will be shortened, and the estrus state of the cat will be more and more serious.

What if the cat is in heat?

Don't think that cats are very small, so you can not take care of their 'personal feelings'. For cats, estrus is a physiological instinct rather than a desire. First of all, let's learn something about estrus.

1. When is the cat in heat?

The estrus time of male cats is about eight months, and that of female cats is about six to eight months old.

2. When is the best time to have a kitten?

Males generally reach maturity at about one and a half years old, while females mature at about one year old. Female cats less than one year old may have dystocia due to incomplete pelvic development.

3. What kind of male and female cats are suitable for matching?

The body size and weight of male and female cats should not be too different. If the male cat is too big and the female cat is too small, the fetus may be too big, causing dystocia. Before mating, female cats must be in good health and weigh at least six Jin. Male and female cats with weak body and disease are not suitable for mating. Male and female cats with genetic defects can not be used for mating. Genetic defects include teeth. If a weak female cat is forced to breed, the fatigue of pregnancy and childbirth may cause life-threatening or future diseases.

4. Do cats get happiness from mating?

After research, No. Cat estrus is a very painful thing, leading to loss of appetite and weight loss. Male cats can also cause secretion blockage of urethra and urethritis due to repeated estrus. (terrible & hellip; & hellip;)

5. How often does a cat lose its heat?

Male cats usually have oestrus every other week for seven to ten days. (this frequency is a little & hellip; & hellip;)

During oestrus, the first is to roll or twist the body all over the floor, some will howl, or leave urine in the corner of the room to attract the female cat.

Estrus of female cat is usually once every two weeks, lasting about a week each time. When female cat is in estrus, pink bloodstain will appear at PP. When they are in heat, they roll and howl. When they tap the tail of the female cat with their hands, it will instinctively raise the PP.

The cat is in heat. What do we need to do?

1. Drug contraception. (not recommended) drug contraception is not safe, because there is no contraceptive specially developed for cats on the market. If the cat owner gives the cat human contraceptive according to his own judgment, it will seriously interfere with the hormone balance in the cat's body and may cause great adverse effects. The animal hospital of Agricultural University has received cases of ovarian tumors caused by giving cats human contraceptives.

2. Sterilization, removal of testicles of male cats and ovaries of female cats. Professional veterinarians all over the world recommend this safe and once and for all method.

Is it good for the kitten to be sterilized?

If you don't want a kitten, you'd better sterilize her, but pay special attention to the fact that she can't do it until she is half a year old. When a female cat is mature, she will be in heat. If she is in heat and doesn't let her go out, it will be very bad for her health and cause considerable trouble to your family. With the increasing age of female cats, estrous female cats may suffer from uterine and ovarian diseases, malignant tumors and reproductive system infections, and even life-threatening.

We have done the following survey in the pet hospital: 70% - 80% of female cat owners will accept the recommendation of female cat sterilization recommended by PET doctors. The sterilization of kittens can not only save the tragic outcome of children wandering, but also greatly reduce the probability of a variety of diseases. It's a win-win choice for the female cat and the owner.

Does the sterilized male cat still have estrus?

It depends on whether your cat is ligated or sterilized. If it is ligated, it just blocks the vas deferens. The cat will still be estrous and mating, but it won't make the female pregnant. If it is sterilization, it is to remove the testicles, the cat's androgen will gradually decline, it will no longer have the impulse to estrus. Sometimes the sterilized cat will still make the same move as before, because he has such memory, so he will unconsciously repeat the past, but after the click, he can't make any more noise.

When can a cat be sterilized?

Generally speaking, cats are born 6 to 9 months after birth. At this time, dogs and cats are only in the stage of sexual maturity, which is equivalent to the age of 12 to 14 years old, and the body is not yet mature. During the second oestrus, cats are usually about 1 year old, 2 to 3 months old, which is roughly equivalent to the age of 7 to 18 years old. At this time, cats are already in the mature stage, and can give birth or undergo surgery. Veterinarians believe that reproduction is the normal physiological behavior of cats, so it's better for cats that have given birth to another operation. It only takes a few minutes for the male cat to finish the operation, and it only takes half an hour for the female cat, and then you can take good care of it for another week.

How much does it cost to sterilize a cat?

Male cats are a little cheaper than female cats. The price of each pet hospital is different, generally ranging from 300-1000. Of course, there are expensive ones. But I don't think the price is the most important thing. The main thing is to find a local hospital with good reputation. Specific price can want to consult with the doctor clear, what hospitalization ah, 3 days antiphlogistic needle ah, urge awake needle ah, must undertake cannot. You can check more relevant information in advance. By the way, remember to wait until the end of estrus before surgery~

Precautions for cat sterilization operation:

1. If vaccination is necessary, it should be carried out one week before operation to avoid other diseases caused by operation.

2. Fasting for more than 8 hours and water deprivation for more than 4 hours should be performed before operation to prevent vomiting caused by anesthetics.

3. When going to the hospital, you can't hold the cat with your bare hands. When going to the hospital, you should bring a box and blanket. Convenient to take home after surgery.

4. Cats after operation are especially afraid of cold and should keep warm. You can keep it warm in the quilt.