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How does Qingming Youth League do? Hand in hand to teach you to be a Youth League

The Youth League is a kind of traditional food in Qingming Festival. Green balls are wrapped with different fillings. What kind of stuffing do you like best? Although the Youth League is delicious, it must be careful not to be greedy when eating.

What are the fillings for the Green League

There are many fillings for the Youth League. As long as you want, there is nothing you can't wrap. The Youth League has both sweet and salty fillings. The common fillings are bean paste, green tea, sesame, peanut, taro, pork, egg yolk, meat floss and so on.

Among them, the Green League filled with bean paste is the most common. Green soft skin, not sweet, not greasy, with a light but long grass aroma, a little sticky, but not sticky teeth, plus the sweet bean paste, the mouth is soluble, it can't stop.

The practice of filling Green League

Ingredients: fresh wormwood 1 jin, water milled glutinous rice flour 1 jin 22 Liang, water milled glutinous rice flour 1 jin 22 Liang, sesame powder, white granulated sugar, pork stuffing, salted egg yolk, pickled vegetables, spring bamboo shoots and other fillings you like.


1. Remove weeds from fresh Artemisia argyi leaves, wash the old leaves, boil a pot of water, add a spoonful of water (baking soda), roll the water, put in the washed Artemisia argyi leaves, boil until the stems of Artemisia argyi leaves can be opened by hand, then take out, drain and squeeze out the water by hand.

2. Mix the mugwort leaves and two kinds of flour. Heat the water and flour. Knead them for a while until they are well mixed.

3. When the stuffing is ready, the fried and mixed ones are ready, and then the kneaded Green League is randomly divided into small groups, which can be easily distinguished by using molds or hand to form the shape they like. The stuffing can also be added by themselves. Different stuffing can be wrapped into different shapes.

4. When the Youth League is wrapped, it can be steamed and eaten. Boil water and steam for about 10 minutes.

The practice of pure Youth League without stuffing

Ingredients: Wormwood Leaves, glutinous rice flour, etc.

Method: clean up the old leaves of Artemisia argyi leaves, leave the tender leaves to wash and reserve. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add a spoonful of alkali (baking soda), boil the water, add Artemisia argyi leaves and cook until soft, then remove and drain. Mix moxa leaf and glutinous rice flour, knead into dough, knead for a long time, until moxa leaf is dispersed, and mix with flour evenly. Knead the wormwood powder into small balls by hand, steam them for 10-15 minutes, and then take them out of the pot.

Matters needing attention in making Youth League

1. Make moxa leaf green ball to make glutinous rice flour, if you like sticky, you can put more glutinous rice flour.

2. Don't mince the boiled Wormwood Leaves with a knife. It's better to knead them with flour. In this way, the original fiber of the plant will not be damaged and the taste will be affected.

3. Don't use the water to boil Artemisia argyi leaves. Don't mix it into flour to knead the dough, because the water to boil Artemisia argyi leaves is very astringent and affects the taste.