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How difficult is the rescue of forest fire in Liangshan, Sichuan? The terrain is complex and it is d

Original title: the terrain of the fire site is complex, and it is difficult to get water

A forest fire broke out in Li'er village, Yalongjiang Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province at 5 p.m. on March 30, the voice of China News reported. On the afternoon of March 31, 689 officers and soldiers of Liangshan branch of Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade and local firefighters started fighting in the virgin forest. During the fire fighting operation, affected by the sudden change of wind direction and wind direction, the sudden forest fire broke out and instantly formed a huge fireball. The fire fighters at the scene took emergency refuge, but 27 forest fire fighters and 3 local fire fighters lost contact.

After all-out search and rescue, all the 30 missing firefighters were found at 6:30 last night. 27 forest firefighters and 3 local cadres and masses died, including Yang Dawa, director of the forestry bureau of Muli County, and another staff member of the Bureau. Last night, the page of the official website of the emergency management department turned black and white as a sign of mourning. We also pay homage to these heroes who have sacrificed their lives!

The bodies of the fire fighters have been transferred and the public bid farewell to the fire fighting heroes

After the occurrence of the danger, the Sichuan provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the emergency management department are fully guiding the fire fighting, the identification of the remains of the dead, and the consolation and pension of family members.

According to Liu Tao, a reporter in front of CCTV, the bodies of 30 firefighters who died in the fire were transported from the scene of the fire fighting to lier village at 7 pm last night. At 1 a.m. today, the remains of 27 firefighters were transported to Xichang City. On the way from Xichang City to the funeral home, chrysanthemums were sprinkled all over the place. The elegy on the ground said: hero, go well all the way. Many Xichang citizens waited on both sides of the road to see off the fire-fighting heroes.

At present, Sichuan Province and the emergency management department are fully guiding the work of fire fighting, identification of the remains of the dead, and family condolence and pension. No other casualties have been reported for the time being.

The progress of fire fighting is not smooth: the terrain of the fire site is complex and it is difficult to get water

At present, the progress of fire fighting is not very smooth. The reporter learned that the Muli forest fire may be caused by lightning in rainy days. As of 5 p.m. yesterday, the burned area has reached about 15 hectares, and the fire has not been effectively controlled.

At present, there are several difficulties in fire fighting: the first is that the altitude of the fire is more than 3700 meters, the altitude is high, the wind is strong and the direction is uncertain, so it is difficult to control the fire; the second is that the local terrain of Muli is complex, especially the steep mountains along the Yalong River, and there are no roads in many places, which brings great difficulties to fire fighting and search and rescue; The third is the original forest, which has been closed for afforestation for many years. There are many fallen leaves and the forest humus layer is thick, so the fire is not easy to put out. The fourth is that it is very difficult to get water from the mountain. The whole fire fighting and rescue work is very difficult.

According to another reporter in front of the report, 100 firefighters have been extremely tired after more than 40 hours of continuous fire fighting. Last night, these firefighters took a rest on the spot and were replaced by local staff. Fortunately, the wind was not strong last night, which brought some convenience to the fire fighting. Today, the emergency management department mobilized two helicopters from Yunnan to increase the strength of fire fighting in the air.

According to the preliminary analysis of experts, the fire is likely to be caused by lightning. It is preliminarily understood that after the 'deflagration' occurred, the firefighters evacuated in two ways, one successfully escaped and the other unfortunately died.

Rescue forces rushed to the scene

After the danger, the western war zone ordered a brigade of the 77th army to dispatch two helicopters to the village of lier, Yalongjiang Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province to carry out the mountain fire rescue mission. The two aircrafts are composed of experienced pilots who have participated in rescue tasks for many times. 15 people from the emergency rescue team of the General Hospital of the Western Theater of war went to the hospital with rescue materials on the same plane. Liu Naiwen, a pilot of a certain army aviation brigade of the 77 group army, who participated in the mission, further analyzed the favorable and unfavorable conditions faced by the mission.

Liu told voice of China that the two helicopters, carrying 15 medical experts and medical supplies, arrived at Xichang airport at 15:30 p.m. on the 1st. In the past, we were mainly responsible for the investigation around the fire site and the inspection of air power. Another is the transportation of rescue personnel. It is difficult for ground personnel to arrive now, and air transportation is more important. The fire site is mainly located in the mountainous area with an average altitude of about 3700 meters. The vegetation is relatively luxuriant, the route is relatively narrow, and there is a valley between two mountains, which has a great impact on the helicopter flight. Our difficulties in the next step lie in these aspects. In the past, it took us about 40 minutes, and it also took us 40 minutes to get back to the scene. It took us nearly two hours to move over the fire scene, which was beneficial to rescue and fire detection.

Hu Yonghe, vice president of the Western Theater general hospital, who accompanied the crew, told voice of China that they recruited the backbone of burn, severe, respiratory and other departments to carry medical supplies for emergency rescue. "We include burn experts, anesthesia, surgery, blood transfusion, severe medicine, respiratory, general surgery, and otorhinolaryngology Yes. We carried 10 boxes, including 4 sets of marching backpacks, including 4 sets of surgical instruments, 6 boxes of first-aid drugs and consumables, mainly in burn department and respiratory department. The next step is mainly to carry out medical rescue, which is mainly to treat burn patients. '

Experts explain forest fire

As we mentioned just now, this is a sudden forest fire. So, what is "forest fire deflagration"? Why does it lead to such serious casualties? Shu Lifu, an expert on forest fire prevention at the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, explained in an interview with the voice of China:

"Deflagration fire is a kind of fire. In the process of spreading, when encountering complex terrain, abundant combustible materials or strong wind, and sufficient oxygen supply, similar explosive combustion phenomenon may appear. Forest deflagration fire is an instantaneous explosion, with great power, suddenness and contingency. According to foreign literature reports, when the fire develops to extremely fierce, the deflagration temperature can reach more than 1000 ℃, and the flame can reach more than 30 meters. To this extent, if there are fire fighters on the ground, they will be choked by high temperature and smoke. In addition, shock wave will make it difficult for the fire fighters to get away and have no time to respond. Therefore, large casualties may often be caused. '

Yao Shuren, Professor of Forest Fire Protection College of Nanjing Forest Police College, reminds us that the frequency of forest fire deflagration is particularly high in Liangshan Prefecture and Ganzi Prefecture of Sichuan Province, and the front firefighters must make special preparations

Because of the steep mountain slopes and the changeable microclimate, coupled with the recent drought, most of the vegetation in Sichuan is inflammable, such as Pinus massoniana or Pinus yunnanensis, and a large number of low weeds, the fire is extremely fierce. In a certain period of time, especially after noon, the probability of occurrence is very high. It is suggested to fight fires like Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, especially those with high altitude, steep mountains and canyons in Sichuan. The personnel must have a safe area, that is to say, a support. You can't charge, there's no way back, that's not good. There must be a safe area. If the fire is about to change, people should withdraw and go out and fight again when possible. '

Recently, forest fires occur frequently, and many departments jointly issue the first red warning of high forest fire risk this year

In addition, on March 29, a major forest fire broke out in guojiaping village, Wangtao Township, Qinyuan County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. After the fire, there were 10 helicopters from the air force of the central theater, a certain department of land aviation and Shanxi general aviation and other departments working in the first line. At present, great progress has been made in fire fighting. The fire on the Northwest Line and the north line of the fire has been effectively controlled, and most of them have no open fire.

At noon on March 30, a forest fire also broke out in Miyun District of Beijing, and the fire soon spread to Pinggu District. On the morning of March 31, mountain fires in Miyun and Pinggu areas were put out, with a total area of 640 mu.

The Ministry of emergency management, the State Forestry and grassland administration and the China Meteorological Administration jointly issued the first red warning of high forest fire risk at 6 pm yesterday. It is expected that the forest fire risk level in northern Beijing, northern Tianjin, northern Hebei, Shanxi and southern Sichuan will remain at the extremely dangerous level from today to the 8th. We should strengthen the prevention of forest fires.

Recently, the office of the National Forest and grassland fire prevention and control headquarters issued an emergency notice to make special arrangements for forest and grassland fire prevention and control during the Qingming Festival. The notice requires that unconventional measures should be taken to strictly control the behaviors of burning paper, burning straw, setting off fireworks and firecrackers, lighting Kong Ming lamp in forest and pastoral areas, strictly implement the approval system of fire use in the field, severely punish the fire perpetrators and investigate the responsibilities of relevant personnel.

The emergency management department said that when encountering forest and grassland fire, do not flee blindly, correctly judge the wind direction, run against the wind, and do not escape to the top of the mountain. When besieged by fire, you should choose an open place with sparse vegetation, far away from low-lying or potholes and other places where dust is easy to precipitate. Take off your inflammable clothes. If possible, soak your clothes with water, and then curl your hands on the ground.

If you are caught in a fire, take off your clothes immediately and put out the fire. If you don't have time to take off your clothes, lie down and roll on the spot immediately. Please note that you can't run against the wind at this time. It will increase the fire and cause more serious burns. When you get out of the fire, don't relax your vigilance. You should check whether everyone is there in time. If there are stragglers, you should ask the disaster relief personnel for help in time.