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Xinyang Maojian how to brew the best drink? Correct brewing method of Xinyang Maojian

As we all know, Xinyang Maojian tea is one of the top ten famous teas in China. Now Xinyang Maojian tea is accepted and loved by more and more consumers. Many people like Xinyang Maojian very much in summer, so how to brew Xinyang Maojian?

1、 Brewing time of Xinyang Maojian: after the tea is brewed with boiling water, vitamins, amino acids, caffeine, etc. are the first to be extracted from the tea. Generally, for 3 minutes, the tea soup has a fresh and mellow feeling, but it lacks the pungent taste. After that, the tea polyphenols are extracted one after another. Although the fresh taste is reduced, the bitter and astringent taste is relatively increased.

2、 Brewing times: Generally speaking, after the first brewing of green tea, the water extract in the tea soup accounts for about 55% of the total soluble matter; the second brewing extract accounts for about 30% of the total soluble matter; the third brewing is about 10%; the fourth brewing is only 1% - 3%, which is actually boiled water. Therefore, generally speaking, Xinyang Maojian tea is best brewed for 2-3 times. After the first brewing, it is recommended to finish smelling and tasting within 10 minutes. The second brewing should be within 30 minutes. The third brewing is generally not particular.

3、 Water temperature: Xinyang Maojian tea should be made with boiling water after cooling. If the tea is brewed directly with boiling water, the color of the tea leaves and soup will turn yellow, the tea buds will not stand upright, the vitamin C and other nutrients will be destroyed, the fragrance and fresh taste of the tea will be reduced, and the ornamental value will be reduced. Therefore, it should be used to air to 80 ℃ or so of water. Special Xinyang Maojian, with air to 70 ℃ boiling water brewing can be.

4、 The amount of tea and water: Maojian village Xiaobian suggested that 50-60 ml of suitable temperature boiling water for each gram of tea. According to the custom of "light tea full of wine", usually a 200 ml cup is filled with 150 ml boiling water at suitable temperature, and about 3 g of tea is enough.