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How to eat jiabaoguo? What is the nutritional value of Garbo

Jiabaoguo is very expensive because it is difficult to grow and store, and it has high nutritional value. The price on the market is at least 200 yuan per kilogram, and even 500 yuan in some places. If you don't know how to eat jiabaoguo when you buy such expensive noble fruit, it's really outrageous. Let's take a look at jiabaoguo's eating method and specific nutritional value with Xiaobian!

How to eat jiabaoguo? What are the nutritional values of jiabaoguo

1. Wash and eat

Jiabao is juicy and delicious. Like other fruits, we can wash them with water and eat them directly. This will not affect our enjoyment of delicious food and intake of nutrients.

2. Make it into Jiabao fruit wine

Like grapes, Cabernet can also make wine. We choose the fruits that are ripe and undamaged, and drain them after washing. Take out appropriate amount of yeast and soak it in warm water. Prepare a jar with a lid and put it into the disinfection cabinet for high temperature disinfection. Crush the dried Cabernet Sauvignon by hand, put it into a sterilized jar, put in yeast, cover it, and seal it for about three months, then you can drink Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

How to eat jiabaoguo? What are the nutritional values of jiabaoguo

1. Rich in calcium

Jiabao fruit contains a lot of calcium, and is very suitable for human absorption. Children who are growing and developing can eat jiabaoguo, which can absorb calcium to promote the growth and development of bones. The middle-aged and old people with osteoporosis can also improve the pain caused by osteoporosis through calcium absorption by eating jiabaoguo.

2. Rich in anthocyanins

The nutritional value of Garbo fruit is very high because it contains a lot of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are known as the seventh largest nutrient of human beings, which can resist oxidation and aging. Female friends who often eat Garbo fruit are generally younger.