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How does pig large intestine clean just clean? Tips for cleaning pig large intestine

Pig large intestine is what we often hear about fat intestines. It is a food that many people like to eat. But the pig large intestine is very difficult to clean, if it is not handled well, it is easy to have odor, so how to clean the pig large intestine?

How to clean pig large intestine

1. Soak the bought sausage in rice water or rice soup, then turn over the casing from one end of the sausage mouth, and tear off the oil and impurities inside (the fat sausage sold on the market first deals with the feces inside). Remember to be careful, because there is a thin film inside to wrap the oil, so as long as you tear out that film, you can tear the oil off quickly!

2. After tearing off all the grease, rinse it again with warm water. Add the right amount of white vinegar, rub repeatedly, skin and intestines are rubbed again. At this time, the suspended matter of intestinal skin comes out, and then it is washed with clean water.

3. Add the right amount of salt and rub it repeatedly. Salt can not only kill bacteria, but also remove grease. Repeated rubbing on the surface of fat intestines can remove grease and suspended solids.

4. The sausage washed with vinegar and salt is almost good, but if the people who have higher food requirements are not at ease, they can add flour to clean it again. After cleaning, add flour to the sausage, rub it inside and outside, and then rinse it with water. Finally, rinse the intestines again with boiling water at the tap.

5. Add a little prickly ash, ginger, cooking wine, star anise, fragrant leaves and orange peel. After boiling, take out the sausage and wash it with hot water. This kind of sausage is hot, braised, stewed soup is OK!

How to remove the stink of pig large intestine

Many people know that the fried pig large intestine is very crispy, with golden appearance, crispy outside and tender inside, and full of fragrance. However, before making delicious pig large intestine, you need to cut off the pig large intestine. After eight years of maturity, you can put it into the pan to stir fry or deep fry. If there is no pig large intestine, it will taste hard and chewy.

It's true that frying can make the pig's large intestine smell more fragrant, but before that, some methods are needed to completely remove the smell. The ultimate way to get rid of the fishy smell of pig large intestine: rub it with flour. If it's too dry, put some water and rub it with peanut oil until it's tasteless.