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How to eat fresh lotus seeds? How to keep fresh lotus seeds

Everyone must have eaten lotus seeds. The lotus seeds eaten by adults are all sold on the market. After drying, how can we eat the fresh lotus seeds taken from the lotus seeds? How can we keep the fresh lotus seeds from deterioration?

How to eat fresh lotus seeds

1. Fresh lotus seeds are very delicious to eat directly, especially those fresh lotus seeds just taken out from fresh lotus pods. You can remove the green skin from the outside, take out the fresh lotus seeds inside, and then break them off by hand, take out the middle lotus seed heart, and the remaining white flesh can be eaten directly in your mouth. This kind of fresh lotus seeds has an attractive aroma and a slightly sweet taste.

2. Fresh lotus seeds can also be boiled with Tremella fuciformis to tremella fuciformis lotus seed soup. When making, soak Tremella fuciformis in advance, divide it into small pieces, clean it and put it in the soup pot, then clean the fresh lotus, remove the middle lotus heart and put it in the pot, add rock sugar, water and medlar, and boil it together for another 10 minutes to get the delicious Tremella fuciformis lotus seed soup. Fresh lotus seeds can be eaten in tremella lotus seed soup without removing the lotus heart, but such lotus seeds will have obvious bitter taste when eaten.

How to preserve fresh lotus seeds

1. Fresh lotus seeds have a short storage time at room temperature. It's better to eat them up as soon as possible after purchase. If you want to save fresh lotus seeds, you can let them not be taken out from the lotus pods, and then put them in a cool and ventilated environment, which can keep them for 5-7 days without deterioration.

2. After fresh lotus seeds are taken out, the skin can also be removed and put directly in a clean fresh box, and then put into the refrigerator for cold storage, so that the fresh lotus seeds can be preserved for about 10 days without deterioration. If the fresh box is directly put into the freezer of the refrigerator for preservation, the shelf life of the fresh lotus seeds can be extended to one year or even longer, and the fresh lotus seeds can be stored when they are eaten Remove and melt.