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Where can I buy a private used car? How about the used car in the 4S store

Nowadays, the share of second-hand cars in our Chinese market is more and more, and more and more people like to buy second-hand cars. Now, with the development of the market, we still tend to buy second-hand cars. So where can I buy a private used car? How about the used car in the 4S store? Let's have a look.

Where can I buy a private used car? 1. Second hand car store

This is the place with the largest number of cars. It's a huge store. There are all kinds of second-hand cars everywhere, and the appearance is pretty good. It seems that you can choose the right car here?

However, we need to know that the sources of cars in supermarkets are complex, some of them are accident cars, some of them are water soaked cars, and even some of them have been repaired after major accidents. You can't see the appearance of these cars under the care of professional maintenance organizations. Therefore, although there are many sources of cars in hypermarkets, there are also great risks.

If you decide to buy a car here and you don't know much about second-hand car identification, it is suggested that you bring a senior companion in this field, who is responsible for checking the car, or you can refer to the professor's past articles on second-hand car identification, which will help you find a really reliable second-hand car.

2. Introduction of acquaintances

To be honest, this is the most reliable way. Because you are acquaintances, you know the condition of the car very well, and you can easily test and check the condition of the car. In all aspects, this is the most reliable and safe channel, and acquaintances will not pit you.

But there is a problem. The car that an acquaintance wants to sell may not be the one you want to buy, and whether you can just find the person who wants to sell the car when you want to buy it is also a big problem. So, it's good to find an acquaintance, but the chance of success is not big.

3. Online shopping

Now some websites will have the business of second-hand car online trading. Many of these second-hand cars are still sold in 4S stores, and all kinds of maintenance and other services are in place. Moreover, these websites will also provide all kinds of protection, and from time to time they also hold activities.

But after all, online shopping is not intuitive enough for second-hand cars, which are of high value and need to be seen on the spot to make purchase decisions. As consumers, we don't really trust to buy a car online to go home.

4. Used cars in 4S stores

This is the best channel in all aspects. First of all, these cars are collected from private car owners by 4S stores. After recycling old cars, they will re maintain the car inside and outside. Moreover, most 4S stores have used car assessors. They will make professional evaluation on the condition of the car and price it according to the evaluation results, so the pricing is at least fair and not unreasonably high.

However, the disadvantage of 4S is that it may not have the car you want. Even if it does, the price may be higher than that of supermarkets and other channels, but at least you can buy a second-hand car. Therefore, it is the safest and most reliable way to buy a second-hand car and go to a 4S store.

Extended information:

Second hand vehicle is a kind of motor vehicle which is registered in the public security traffic management organ and can still be used before reaching the national scrapping standard or within the economic and practical life.

Second hand car, translated as' second hand vehicle 'or used car, means' second hand car' or 'used car', which is called 'used car' in China. "Medieval car" is a Japanese term, but Taiwan is also called "medieval car".

North America is the most developed market for second-hand cars, because ordinary people may not be able to buy second-hand cars when they buy used cars, and most of them are cars and family jeeps. Therefore, in North America, there is a very popular term for second-hand cars.

The government work report proposes to extend the preferential policy of new energy vehicle purchase tax for another three years and completely abolish the policy of second-hand vehicle relocation. Experts said that this will further release the potential of the used car consumer market.