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How is neck line formed? How to eliminate neck lines

The most obvious age is the neck. If you don't pay attention to neck maintenance, it's easy to have neck lines. With the ugly neck lines, it's a little difficult to eliminate them. So how to eliminate the neck lines?

How is neck line formed? How is neck line eliminated

1: Neck water shortage

People's neck is the most prone to aging, not often attention will lead to the generation of neck lines. The skin of the neck is very fragile, and there are few sebaceous glands and sweat glands, so it is difficult to lock moisture. The skin of the neck is easy to dry, so the lack of water will produce neck lines, so it is very important to do a good job in moisturizing the neck skin.

2: Epidermal cell senescence

The cervical epidermis cells are aging, becoming inactive, cell metabolism is not strong, water content is reduced, and cell body collapses;

3: Ultraviolet radiation

Usually, in order to show the beautiful clavicle, women often expose the part from neck to clavicle, especially in hot summer. In summer, the sun's ultraviolet rays are very strong, and often irradiating the neck will deepen the neck lines. With the growth of age, the skin of the neck will become more and more relaxed, and finally the neck lines will become more deep. In fact, the neck should also pay attention to sunscreen.

How is neck line formed? How is neck line eliminated

1、 Massage clavicular lymph

With four fingertips except thumb, push and press from the lower part of the ear along both sides of the neck to the clavicle for 10 times, 3 times a day. Combined with the use of wrinkle removing products, metzel Apple stem cells can help eliminate the accumulation of metabolic waste, prevent the neck skin from loosening, and reduce the neck wrinkles.

2、 Do a good job of cleaning

As the neck is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the chance of contamination is relatively large, so it needs to be cleaned every day. As for the neck, we should pay as much attention to it as we do to our own face.

1: Basic cleaning, with the nature of warm cleanser to go to health, remove the dust on the surface, deep cleaning. Neck cleansing is also like facial, and gentle cleansing cream is recommended. Miller or latex products are recommended. As for the technique, it is mainly gentle and clean from bottom to top. Finally, after cleaning, do not completely dry with a towel, and finally pat on a moisturizing toner.

2: Exfoliation, can make use of facial products, but the neck skin is thinner than the face, suitable for the use of not too greasy products, should apply fine particles of exfoliation products, in the form of spiral from bottom to top massage, neck near the ear part should also be thoroughly hygienic, and then wash with water or wet face towel wipe. How is neck line formed? How is neck line eliminated

3、 Neck exercises

1: Take appropriate amount of Apple stem cells with both hands and gently push them away from bottom to top.

2: Raise the head slightly, use your fingers to push up from the clavicle, and do ten times with each hand.

3: Use your thumb and index finger to push up on the key part of the neck line (avoid too much force), about 15 times.

4: Finally, put the index finger and middle finger of both hands on the lymphatic position under the parotid bone and press for about one minute to unblock the lymphatic nucleus for detoxification.