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How does breast bilge ache do after weaning? How to return milk quickly after weaning

Spring is the golden age of weaning, so mothers who want to wean must seize this opportunity. At the beginning of the baby can not adapt to complementary food feeding, the baby will be restless, even crying, at this time the mother's mood will also be irritable. How to do when do weaning breast bilges painful to do?

What should we do if the price rises

Many mothers in weaning when milk suddenly rose back, rose pain and discomfort, caused great trouble to the mothers, weaning should be gradual, milk production is the result of prolactin and lactation reflex. During weaning, the time and frequency of sucking are less, and the secretion of prolactin is also reduced. If the mother's weaning up, try hot compress, massage, take a hot bath, these can relieve the pain of breast.

1. Reduce the frequency of feeding: the best way to reduce the occurrence of breast-feeding is to gradually reduce the frequency of feeding, gradually reduce, the amount of milk will gradually reduce, to achieve the effect of milk. Sudden weaning, milk will certainly be very serious.

2. Breast massage: after hot compress, you can give breast massage. There are many ways of breast massage, generally hold unilateral breast with both hands, and massage alternately from the bottom of the breast to the nipple, if there is milk exudation, you can squeeze the milk in the container.

3. With the aid of the breast pump: when the milk is very strong, use the breast pump to suck out part of the milk, which will slow down the pain of the milk. And do not worry about the use of a breast pump, weaning will not break. Because the breast pump is not very thorough, so the milk secretion will gradually reduce.

4. Soak breast in warm water: use a basin of warm water on the knee, then bend the upper body to the knee, let the breast bubble in the basin, gently shake the breast, by gravity can make the milk flow out more easily.

How to return milk after weaning

After weaning the baby, in order not to let the breast no longer secrete milk, some mothers do not drink soup, blindly adopt the so-called "quick weaning method", and even use a towel to strangle the chest and use adhesive tape to seal the nipple. This is obviously against the physiological law, and it is easy to cause breast pain. So after weaning how should return to milk?

1. Mothers should gradually reduce the frequency of breast-feeding, from 3 times a day to 2 times, 1 time, excess milk, do not accumulate in the breast, should squeeze out until the breast is soft, no pain feeling.

2. Diet, the mother's diet should be light, not greasy, drink less water, less soup, especially chicken soup, fish soup and other milk food, can be appropriate to eat more leeks, hawthorn and so on.

3. After weaning to wear a fitting or slightly tight bra, so in addition to inhibiting the secretion of milk, but also to reduce breast pain.

4. Drug treatment, can use fried malt water to drink (50g decoction, 3 times a day), can also be applied mirabilite (wrapped in a small bag on the breast, avoid nipple areola), can also take vitamin B6, diethylstilbestrol, bromocriptine and other drugs, but must take according to the doctor's advice.

5. If there are breast lumps, local skin redness, fever and other symptoms during weaning, you should see a doctor in time.

6. After successful weaning, it is suggested that mothers should take proper physical exercise and do more chest expansion exercise, which can make the breast recover elasticity quickly.

How long does weaning come menstruation

How is it that menstruation has not come after weaning? Many mothers can't help but worry about how long it will take to have menstruation after weaning. Due to long-term amenorrhea, the uterus often shrinks, and most women can resume menstruation after weaning, but there are also a few women who don't have menstruation, especially those who are too old to lactate, and the almost atrophic uterus can't recover quickly.

If you have been breastfeeding your baby's new mother, menstrual recovery is relatively late. Some menstruate only after a year. Most people's first menstrual volume than usual menstrual volume, the second menstruation is normal, so there is no need to treat.

When menstruation comes, mother's milk volume generally decreases, and the quality of protein and fat in milk also slightly changes. The content of protein is higher and the content of fat is lower. This kind of milk sometimes causes the baby indigestion symptom, but this is the temporary phenomenon, after waiting for the menstrual period, will return to normal. Therefore, no matter during or after menstruation, mummy does not need to stop feeding.