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What is the limit of wechat single day transfer? Introduction to wechat transfer limit

Wechat has become a software used by many users for daily transfer payment. Many users are consulting about the limit of wechat single day transfer. The following is a detailed introduction. Interested friends can take a look together!

Wechat transfer limit

Wechat transfer limit can be divided into two situations according to whether to add a bank:

1、 No bank card added: you can use change funds for transfer, and the limit is 200 yuan per day for a single transaction and 3000 yuan per day for the payee;

2、 Added bank card: you can use change or bank card funds for transfer, the limit is: 50000 yuan per day for a single transaction, unlimited amount for the payee.

Wechat transfer limit

Wechat transfer is free of service charge, but there is a limit. If it exceeds the limit, it can be paid by other banks or operated the next day, because the limit is only limited to the total amount of funds in one day, and there is no monthly limit.

The above is the wechat user's one-day transfer limit sorted out by Xiaobian. If you want to improve your one-day transfer limit, Xiaobian strongly suggests that you must bind the bank card, so that's all for today's content. Thank you for reading!