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What does the performance of darling lack calcium have? How to give the baby calcium in spring

Daily calcium deficiency is a very healthy thing, especially for the baby who is still in the development stage, the demand for calcium can not be less, daily calcium deficiency has a great impact on the health of the baby, so what is the performance of the baby's calcium deficiency? Spring is the golden age of calcium supplement, so we must not miss it.

[manifestation of calcium deficiency in baby]

1. Baby comes out late

Teeth and bones need a certain amount of calcium to promote growth, baby yo ah, the first tooth needs enough calcium, generally speaking, the baby is able to sprout before one year old, but some babies have not sprouted to more than one year old, avoid to be vigilant, indicating that the baby is seriously lack of calcium.

2. More sweating

Normal baby is not frequent sweating, but the lack of calcium baby is not the same, his body sweating more severe, and more severe at night, the baby is still crying.

3. Skeletal retardation

Calcium deficiency has the most obvious effect on the bone development of the baby's body. If the baby has a good bone development, he can walk earlier. Once the baby is seriously short of calcium, he can walk later, and some may have O-shaped legs and X-shaped legs.

4. 'pillow baldness circle'

Pillow baldness circle is the most easily found manifestation of baby's lack of calcium. This is because the baby's long-term lack of calcium leads to severe sweating, and finally the hair at the back of the head is easy to fall off, forming pillow baldness.

How does darling lack calcium to do?

1. Oral calcium supplements

Serious calcium deficiency baby needs certain calcium supplement products to achieve the purpose of rapid calcium supplement. Some calcium rich calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, etc. are very suitable for the baby. Take them regularly and quantitatively every day to quickly supplement calcium and alleviate the problem of calcium deficiency. It's best to do this on the advice of the doctor.

2. Proper sun exposure

The advantage of the sun is that it can supplement vitamin D, which can promote the absorption and utilization of calcium, and the effect of calcium supplement is better.

3. Calcium rich food

For babies who have not yet had the ability to chew, the best food source for calcium supplement is dairy products. There are milk powder specially for calcium supplement on the market. Parents usually pay attention to supplement for their babies. Have the ability to chew food baby can match with high calcium food to eat together, such as shrimp, bean products, green vegetables and so on. In addition, it can also supplement cod liver oil to the baby, which can promote the absorption of calcium. <