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When does secondhand house transfer intermediary fee give? What are the procedures of second-hand ho

In the intermediary, the intermediary fee for buying second-hand houses is generally different from place to place and can be negotiated. However, according to the new regulations of the state, the fee standard for the brokerage service of house sales should not exceed 2%. Other services provided by the real estate agency shall be voluntarily selected by the parties concerned and explicitly agreed in the contract. So when will the second-hand housing transfer intermediary fee be given? What is the second-hand housing transfer process? Let's have a look.

when will the second-hand housing transfer agency fee be paid? 1. The intermediary fee should be paid when you sign the house purchase contract. At this time, the intermediary process has been completed, and the intermediary fee should be charged. It's appropriate to pay on the day of transfer after online signing, because the balance of the house should be paid on the day of transfer, which will be more convenient and safer to pay together with the intermediary fee.

2. Under normal circumstances, many intermediary companies are required to pay the intermediary fee on the day of signing the contract. If they are not at ease, they can pay part of the fee in advance. Specifically, they can negotiate with the broker. If you are for the sake of insurance, you can choose to wait for the intermediary to help you get the real estate certificate, land certificate and other warrants, and then pay the intermediary fee.

3. It is suggested that when buying second-hand housing, buyers should first keep the voucher of intermediary fee to ensure that they can find the necessary evidence when safeguarding their rights in the future. Secondly, the buyers should try to communicate with the headquarters of the housing agency or the top management, and negotiate to solve the fee disputes. I hope the answer of Shanghai elite will help you!