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How to dry skin in autumn

Every season, especially in autumn, all kinds of skin problems appear. Dark and yellow skin, especially peeling and drying, really break the hearts of fairies! So what about dry skin in autumn? Don't worry, Xiaobian recommends several ways to replenish water to make your skin full of water, and don't worry about dry skin any more.

Why is dry skin? In fact, it's not clean. According to the scientific test, after the skin is completely cleaned, the oily skin can recover to the normal sebum state in 40 minutes within 1 hour of dry skin, while the normal sebum state is moist but not tight and not greasy. So the skin will not be 'washed' and dry by itself. Only when the skin is in an unclean state can it dry.

So if you want to keep your skin dry, the most important thing is to clean your skin. When you wash your face, you will use the facial cleanser or facial soap to make rich and delicate bubbles on your hands. Rub the face with gentle massage. Remember that the time is controlled within 30 seconds. Then wash the face cream or soap foam with water. The conditioned fairy can cooperate with the cleanser. Finally, with the toner lotion, you can make the skin moist and dry all day, in a beautiful state.

Of course, in addition to cleaning your skin, it's also very important to take internal medicine. Fairies with dry skin can also buy some vitamin C lozenges for conditioning, or usually pay attention to eating more fruits rich in vitamin C, which can keep your skin in a good condition, but we must insist that it's not cold in a day.

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