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Can I use the annual ticket during Luoyang Peony Fair in 2019? Normal use on holidays

Can the tourist annual ticket be used during Luoyang Peony Culture Festival in 2019? I believe this is a problem that many people are concerned about. It can be used normally during the peony flower festival.

Which peony gardens can be used?

Peony garden with free annual ticket:

Wangcheng Park, China National Garden, Sui Tang city ruins botanical garden, national Peony Garden (Mangshan),

Warm tips: you need to take the special flower appreciation channel of annual ticket.

Free Peony Garden:

Peony Park, Xiyuan Park, Tianxiang peony garden and Luoyang Agricultural Expo Garden enjoy free garden flowers. Tourists receive free tickets with valid documents.

What scenic spots does Luoyang Tourism annual ticket include?

The annual tourist ticket of Luoyang contains 38 scenic spots

Annual ticket scenic spots

1. Longmen Grottoes (excluding night tour of Longmen) -- normal opening

2. Guanlin: normal opening

3. Baima Temple -- normally open

4. Tianzijialiu Museum normal opening

5. Jiguan Cave Scenic Spot -- normally open

6. Tianchi mountain forest scenic spot

7. Shenlingzhai scenic spot

8. Zhang Fang's former residence -- normally open

9. Longtan Grand Canyon - normal opening

10. Emperor Guangwu Mausoleum of Han Dynasty

11. Huaguoshan National Forest Park -- normally open

12. Longyuwan National Forest Park - closed

13. Longma negative map Temple -- normally open

14. Ercheng Cultural Park -- normal opening

15. Fanyuan -- normal opening

16. Lijing gate normal opening

17. Wang Duo's former residence -- normally open

18. Muzaling scenic spot -- normally open

19. Baiyun Mountain -- normal opening

20. Xuanzang's hometown: normal opening

21. Butterfly Valley - closed

22. Wolong Valley - closed mountains and Gardens

23. Prime minister's manor in Jincheng -- normally open

24. Jincheng jiunvxian Lake -- normally open

25. Tangseng Temple (Xuanzang Temple) - normal opening

26. There are tourist attractions of production, industry and mining - normally open

27. Dongfanghong Agricultural Museum -- normally open

28. Dingdingmen Site Museum - normal opening

29. Daimeishan normal opening

30. Qingtianhe normal opening

31. Jingzixian Mountain -- normally open

32. World famous woodcarving Expo Park

33. Mingtang paradise scenic spot -- normally open

34. Four seasons peony exhibition hall - normal opening

35. National Peony Garden -- normal opening

36. Funiu Mountain Siberian Tiger Garden -- normally open

37. Qingyaoshan -- normal opening

38. Hangu pass - normal opening

How much and how long is the annual ticket?

Luoyang Tourism annual ticket is 60 yuan each, valid for one year, including Peony Culture Festival period and holidays. When handling, it needs to be handled at the authorized outlets, collect information and input fingerprints. It will come into effect on the fifth day after successful application and is only for personal use.

Who can apply for annual tourist tickets?

Luoyang citizens

Luoyang registered residence personnel (including counties), holding the original identity card, can be processed at the annual ticket sales outlets.

College students in Luoyang

In Luoyang University technical secondary school (a formal college with state recognized educational background and filed by the Education Department), you can go to the annual ticket selling point with the original student card and ID card of the city.

Filo residents

Non Luoyang registered residence workers who have been working in Luoyang for a long time or longer than one year can meet the following requirements.

1. When working in Luoyang's public institutions, government agencies or state-owned enterprises, you can issue a unit certificate and make a copy. I will bring the certificate and ID card to the designated sales agency for handling.

2. If you live in Luoyang for a long time, you can issue a long-term residence certificate at the neighborhood office where you live, and make a copy. I will bring the certificate and the original ID card to the designated sales agency for handling.

3. Apply for Luoyang residence card. If the residence card is within the validity period, I can directly bring the original of temporary residence card and ID card to the designated agency.

Other considerations

During the validity period of the annual ticket, the holder can visit the scenic spots (spots) of the annual ticket unlimited times (each scenic spot can only be used once a day). It is worth reminding that the annual tourist ticket only includes the first ticket of the scenic spot (spot), but does not include the park in the park, entertainment facilities and explanation, tour guide, cableway and other fees.