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The mystery of Zhang Guorong's death

This year is the 16th anniversary of Zhang Guorong's death. Many topics about his brother have been mentioned again. He is the idol in the hearts of countless people, and he is also the star loved by many netizens. Every April Fool's day, many people go to Hong Kong to remember Zhang Guorong. It is puzzling that Zhang Guorong chose such a path at the peak of his career. Why did Zhang Guorong commit suicide?

Although his brother Zhang Guorong has been away from the world for some time, he seems to think that Zhang Guorong has not left the world. He is still watching the entertainment industry and his Tang Dynasty in a certain place. The Department does not want to believe that this world has come. A lovely person has gone. The death of Zhang Guorong also makes many netizens sigh. So, why did Zhang Guorong choose to dance Building such a way to end their flowery life?

Zhang Guorong, who was 46 years old, was on the rise in his life. He had his wife, his career and his friends. Many people still don't want to believe that Zhang Guorong has left us. But his brother still chose to leave us on April Fool's day, which makes many netizens feel that it's impossible. Where's his brother? Some netizens once doubted Zhang Guorong's death. So, Zhang Guorong really Is it suicide or something else? It has always been said that your circle is too chaotic. With the fall of Zhang Guorong, all the answers have been taken away by him.

Today, we all pay deep respect to Zhang Guorong, who is the vane of the entertainment industry. Although he has left now, we still like his brother's character and spirit. There is no other Zhang Guorong in the entertainment industry. Let's review the whole process before and after Zhang Guorong's death.

On the evening of April 1, 2003, Hong Kong artist Zhang Guorong jumped from the 24th floor. According to mechanical analysis, if a person jumps from the 24th floor, his bones and muscles will be smashed at the moment of landing. As we know, Zhang Guorong is a person who pays great attention to his personal image. Why do people who pursue perfection choose such a way to end their lives? What is the secret behind the bizarre death of Zhang Guorong? It rained in Hong Kong on April 1, 2003.

Guess one: trapped in love

In addition to the remarkable achievements of the film, Zhang Guorong's feelings and temperament are also concerned by fans who love him. From 1996 to 1997, Zhang Guorong presented a song "the moon represents my heart" to Mr. Tang in public. He also said: "Mr. Tang is the most beloved person in my life besides my mother!" so he officially opened his emotional world to the public. As a result, Zhang Guorong's name has never been separated from Mr. Tang. Therefore, after his suicide, many people speculated that he decided to end his life because of his bad feelings.

It is said that in his suicide note, Zhang Guorong said that he was not in a good mood and could not choose between his good friend Mr. Tang and a young man in his twenties. He was very troubled and committed suicide. Does it mean that his relationship with Mr. Tang has gradually gone away? Does it mean that he is trapped in love and can't extricate himself?

Guess 2: mental depression

This is also possible, because of emotional or other reasons, stress and other causes of mental depression, so just jump!

Guess 3: "suicide" is the cover of my brother's retirement

In fact, there has been a saying that my brother did not commit suicide, but lived in seclusion abroad with his beloved Tang Tang, living a life like a fairy couple.

A female fan said that once she was abroad, because she had a quarrel with her boyfriend and had a bad life, so she got drunk in a bar. That night, a man who looked very similar to her brother sat by her side, comforting her and giving her encouragement and courage. But later, the female fan got drunk, and when she woke up, her brother was gone. There are many rumors about meeting my brother abroad.

But the death of my brother is really puzzling, because according to the mechanical analysis, if a person jumps from the 24th floor, at the moment of landing, his bones and muscles will be smashed. As we know, my brother is a person who pays great attention to personal image. How can such a person who pursues perfection bear to die with such a face and leave his lover and relatives? Moreover, after his brother committed suicide, both the police and his relatives strictly photographed his brother's remains. Are they hiding anything? His brother's suicide disfigurement seems to be hiding the real identity of the person who jumped from a building, but if he did The man in Lou is not my elder brother. In view of my elder brother's previous criminal record of living in seclusion with Tang Tang, it is very likely that my elder brother took the way of making himself disappear after he was completely tired of the entertainment industry. One of the reasons why the last seclusion did not continue is the fans' call and yearning for my elder brother. My elder brother wants to live in seclusion and does not want to go abroad Do you want fans who love you to look forward to it, so you use this kind of 'suicide' to cover up the fact that you are still alive?