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How long will the green awn be ripe? How long does the big green mango last

We all like the sweet and sour taste of Qingmang, and it tastes fresh and delicious. However, some people still like to eat it cooked. How long can Qingmang be eaten? Will Qingmang change color?

How long can the green awn be ripened

Qingmang is generally recommended to be put for three days. In general, the taste of Qingmang will become very good after three days. In order to put it for a long time, some people will put it in a sealed jar, so that Qingmang can be kept for several days. When you eat, you can cut the flesh, and then dip in some sugar to eat.

Green awn is Thailand awn, the peel is generally dark green or green, and some are yellow green. After cutting, you can see the pulp, which is generally a little light yellow. It tastes sour and sweet, and has a good taste. Some people do not eat directly, but mix salad, or dip in sugar to eat, mixed with other things to eat, or very flavor.

The nutritional value of Qingmang is very high, especially the content of vitamin C and minerals. If you have constipation, it is more effective to eat Qingmang. If you don't like to eat green mango, put it in a bag, seal it and put it in a place with high temperature. In this way, green mango will become ripe in three or four days.

Can green awn change color

Green awn if it is put for a period of time, green awn has been cooked, then it will change color. We should finish the cooked green awn quickly. Otherwise, if we put it too long, there will be black spots on it, and it will get worse slowly. If it's too late to finish eating, it's packed in a fresh-keeping bag, so it's tightly tied to eliminate air, and it's refrigerated in the refrigerator, so it can be kept for another day or two.

Some people eat green awn, special pick so green awn, because this green awn photosynthesis is more, generally speaking, sweetness will be higher.

How long can it last

If you can keep it well, you can put it for a month. But the premise is that we don't ripen it, because after ripening, it can only be put for a week. If you want to eat green awn quickly, you can hasten the ripening. Some people put green awn in rice, but first seal the green awn, and then put it in the kraft paper bag, and then put some apples and bananas in it, so that the green awn will ripen quickly, so that we can eat delicious green awn in two or three days. Some of the ripe green awns turn yellow and soft. People who like to eat crispy taste may not like to eat this kind of salad.