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Is it appropriate to make a confession on April Fool's day in 2019? April Fool's Day

April 1st is April Fool's day every year. On April Fool's day, many people want to express themselves to the people they like. If there is a favorite person, this day is very suitable for confession, then what are the ways of confession on April Fool's day?

Is it appropriate to make a confession on April Fool's day in 2019?

Although April Fool's Day is a day for entertainment, you can also express yourself to the people you like. The other party should also hope to receive the confession from the other party on April Fool's day. After all, 'if no one even makes a confession to you on April Fool's day, no one really likes you. 'the sincere confession, any day is suitable!

April Fool's day in 2019

1. If I were a judge, I would sentence you to life imprisonment. Imprisoned in my heart.

2. I used to be lost. It's you who help me out of trouble and let me know what a wonderful thing it is to love someone. Let me use this life as a reward to accompany you all the time.

3. China mobile users: Recently, due to network debugging, if your mobile phone has no signal or cannot be connected, please drop it to the ground as hard as you can, and it will return to normal after several times. Happy April Fool's Day!

4. The first couplet: the wind is blowing, the rain is falling, I'm waiting for you to call back! The second couplet: live for you, die for you, wait for you for a lifetime! Horizontal Criticism: send the wrong person ~ Happy April Fool's Day!

5. That first encounter, my two eyes never left you again. I was lucky to be your confidant. I missed you 4 or 5 times. I cried 60% of my Acacia tears. I was floating with the memory of 708 and the heart of 99. I said 10 words. Today is April Fool's Day!

6. I am willing to stay by your side all my life. I will be your quilt in winter and your electric fan in summer. Happy April Fool's Day!

7. I think I've known you for a long time. You are special, extreme, very, rare, different and stupid. You are so stupid that I don't even know how I like you.

8. I heard that you are moving? The address is 520 Ai Ai Road, Ai Ai Ai city. The landlord loves you most. The rent is your love and the lease term is for a lifetime. congratulations!

9. Baby baby, I love you, just like mice love rice, you are the Phoenix in the sky flying, I am the Jackal on the ground chasing, I don't beat you or scold you, I torture you with my feelings.

10. Light miss, shallow feelings, for a long time did not think of you so well, when facing you, there is mouth Nankai, not necessarily when the heart is always incomparable miss! I hope this special season, special day send me special and warm words: Happy April Fool's Day!

April Fool's day wechat jokes to express the latest sentences

1. Last night in my dream, God said to me: this April Fool's day, as long as you send a text message to your most stupid friend, wish him a happy holiday, he will be 100 times smarter. I think about it, then I'll send it to you, because you were so stupid before that you couldn't even return my SMS!

2. Last night I had a dream: God told me that I was destined to be lonely in this life. There is only one way to crack it: Send a short message to ten idiots. I cried at that time: God, I only know you. I'm finished.

3. It's hard to tell the true from the false, vulgar roses and numb love words, kneeling on one knee in the crowded square, saying I love you. Dear, forgive me, I can only use these most stupid and stupid methods, I wish you a happy holiday!

4. Once there was a sincere love, I didn't cherish it. I regret losing it. If I could come again, I would say: I love you. If you want to choose the time of confession, I hope it is: Happy April Fool's Day!

5. I have used your tender and smooth body to cling to the naked me many times. The gentle touch and irregular movement make me enjoy bursts of pleasure. While I enjoy it, you are gradually losing weight. Alas, poor soap!

6. In a few days to April Fool's day, here to remind you to be careful! You can rest assured that I will not play you, how can I embarrass you, such a lovely pig!

7. One year old Erguotou, two-year-old love is an old hand, three-year-old eating, drinking, gambling and smoking, four-year-old cheating and stealing. He is young and promising. When he grows up, he has a low IQ. Knowing that he is you, he still sticks to the end. Admiration! Admiration!

8. A drop of water is small in the sea, great in the desert; Red Crowned Crane is small in the cranes, great in the chickens; you are small in the crowd, great in the pigsty!

9. Notice for pig: I lost a pure white pig. Features: smart, understanding, with a mobile phone, and in the access to text messages, love pig read the information, quickly to the host back to the information! The host now miss you!

10. I have something to ask you. Can you find a vacant room for me to live in for two days? Please don't tell anyone about it. Originally, I didn't want to trouble you, but I really can't find someone I trust. I'm Saddam! Happy April Fool's Day!

11. I've always wanted to say three words to you, but you know its weight. I'm afraid once we say it, we don't even have to be friends. But I can't control my feelings. I have the courage to say to you: you are a pig. Happy April Fool's Day!

12. I am a lonely tree, standing on the roadside for thousands of years, waiting lonely, just for one day when you walk by me, dumping for you, even if you can't smash it, you will live in vain. Happy April Fool's Day!

13. Every day, I pray to Buddha for a long blooming rose. When I get 999 roses, I will send them to you together and say: little sample, I don't believe the bees won't sting you! Happy April Fool's Day!

14. I think I've known you for a long time. You are special, extreme, very, rare, different and stupid. You are so stupid that I don't even know how I like you;

15. I almost forget what day it is. If I didn't think of you, I couldn't have noticed it. Day by day, today is your good day, you must not forget, today is your holiday, I wish you a happy April Fool's Day!

16. I miss you all the time, just waiting for you to appear; I spend all the time, just for falling in love with you; I rack my brains to write my love for you. Love or not? At the moment, I'm waiting for your call back!

17. You are my exclusive memory, you are the quatrains of my poems, you are the sweetness I want, you are the temper I enjoy, you are the only miracle I want on Valentine's day, you are the precious memory of the end of my life.

18. Throw the purse tied by the thin thread on the street and pull the thread in the dark. Once you come to pick up the purse, you will suddenly drag it away with you!

19. If God asks me to make three wishes, the first is to be with you in this life, the second is to be with you again, and the third is not to be separated from you forever. Happy April Fool's Day!

20. Sorry! I accidentally sent 'like you' to your mobile phone. If you accept it, please keep it; if not, please send it back to me. Happy April Fool's Day!