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How to make crabs? The best recipe for cooking crabs

How to make crabs? The best recipe for cooking crabs it's autumn crab fat season again. This season's crab is not only delicious in meat, rich in crab yellow, but also rich in nutrition. Do you know how to make the best crab? Here are two practical ways to cook crab!

Recommendation 1: steamed hairy crab

Steamed hairy crab is the most familiar way to make hairy crab, and it is also the most nutritious way to cook. Steamed crab to ensure the delicious, but also water steam lock nutrition will not lose, color orange. The most important is the low technology content and simple operation.

Ingredients: hairy crab, vinegar, ginger, garlic, chive, water


(1) rinse and brush the fresh hairy crabs, and do not untie the rope to avoid crabs scratching their hands;

(2) put the tied crab with its belly up in the steaming plate, put it in the pot with cold water, steam it for 20 minutes after the fire is heated;

(3) cut the chives, ginger and garlic into pieces and put them into a small bowl;

(4) take out the steamed crab and cut off the rope. Stir the chives, ginger, garlic and vinegar into a dipping sauce. Serve with it.

Recommendation 2: Spicy hairy crab

Spicy crab is suitable for people with heavy taste. It has heavy moisture in autumn and dehumidification.

Materials: hairy crab, garlic, ginger, pepper


(1) brush the crab with a toothbrush;

(2) remove the hairy legs of the crab, keep the rest of the legs, and cut the body in half;

(3) prepare onion, ginger, garlic and chilli, cut into sections and prepare them;

(4) sprinkle a layer of starch on the crab. Where the crabmeat is exposed, scatter more. In the pot, enlarge the spoon oil, heat it up, fry the crabs, turn all sides, the oil can be fried more than once, this is the way to save oil. Fry the crabs until golden and fish out for later use;

(5) put a small amount of oil, add ginger and garlic, stir fry, then add pepper, add crab, stir fry together, pour in rice wine and salt, stir fry until the rice wine is dry.