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How can wechat cash withdrawal be free of service charge? What are the rules for wechat cash withdra

people who often withdraw money by wechat will know that the amount of free service charge for wechat withdrawal is only 1000, and the withdrawal after use needs service charge. So, how can wechat change withdrawal be free of service charge? What are the rules for wechat cash withdrawal in 2019? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Methods / steps:

To open the wechat account book, you need to apply for the official wechat collection code first. Wechat is free for businesses to withdraw cash. Although there are some changes in 2019, which requires you to exchange points for free withdrawal amount, it's all the same. You only need to use wechat collection code to collect money.

We can click the collection gift, and then click in to see that the corresponding points can be exchanged for the amount of free withdrawal. And the corresponding points are corresponding to the amount you collect. So, it's equivalent to free cash withdrawal. Of course, in addition to the amount of cash withdrawal, there are other gifts you can also exchange with each point.

The above is the free cash withdrawal strategy with wechat collection code. However, wechat does not allow all users to use wechat collection code, so most people may not meet the application conditions of wechat collection code, that is, they can not use this method to withdraw cash for free.

Here, if you still want to withdraw cash, it is suggested that you first earn some interest in WeChat small change money management, and then use the money in other accounts, such as Alipay bank card. For you, you don't have to worry about withdrawing the change from wechat. If you have to withdraw the change, you will definitely have to pay a service charge if you exceed 1000.

Money is the same everywhere. It's just a number. You don't have to worry that wechat will run away. If it's a small platform, you have to worry about running away. No matter how high the handling charge is, you have to withdraw cash to the bank card first.